A New Look

You will have noticed a new look to the site, the first for a few years and about the sixth since the site was launched 19 years ago. 

Why the change? Well we wanted to be able to showcase more of the articles and news stories on the home page, something that is not possible with the current theme. Also the theme that was previously in use wasn’t responsive and so didn’t work that well on mobile and tablets. That should no longer be the case. The design is also more modern and makes much better use of images and photos. 

Over the last few months the site has been updated with lots of news stories covering a number of years but there are still many gaps that we’d like to fill, particularly covering the period 2000-2010. This is where you can help. If you have any Williams press releases from this period then please get in touch and help us make this the greatest Williams resource on the Internet. 

If you can help get in touch. 

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