The Williams FW38 is a Formula One racing car designed by Williams to compete in the 2016 Formula One season. The car was driven by Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas.

The FW38 used the Mercedes PU106C Hybrid power unit. During qualifying for the 2016 European Grand Prix, the FW38 set the highest ever recorded speed of a Formula One car during an official session, at 378 km/h (235 mph).During the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix, the FW38 set the second highest ever recorded speed of a Formula One car during a race, at 372.5 km/h (231.5 mph).Due to a lack of upgrades to the car, which was similar to the Williams FW37, the team eventually lost 4th place in the constructors' championship to Force India.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20161Australian Grand PrixFelipe Massa65Finished
20161Australian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas168Finished
20162Bahrain Grand PrixFelipe Massa78+1 Lap
20162Bahrain Grand PrixValtteri Bottas69+1 Lap
20163Chinese Grand PrixFelipe Massa106Finished
20163Chinese Grand PrixValtteri Bottas510Finished
20164Russian Grand PrixFelipe Massa45Finished
20164Russian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas24Finished
20165Spanish Grand PrixFelipe Massa188Finished
20165Spanish Grand PrixValtteri Bottas75Finished
20166Monaco Grand PrixFelipe Massa1410+1 Lap
20166Monaco Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1012+1 Lap
20167Canadian Grand PrixFelipe Massa820Retired
20167Canadian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas73Finished
20168European Grand PrixFelipe Massa510Finished
20168European Grand PrixValtteri Bottas86Finished
20169Austrian Grand PrixFelipe Massa020Brakes
20169Austrian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas79+1 Lap
201610British Grand PrixFelipe Massa1211+1 Lap
201610British Grand PrixValtteri Bottas614+1 Lap
201611Hungarian Grand PrixFelipe Massa1818+2 Laps
201611Hungarian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas109+1 Lap
201612German Grand PrixFelipe Massa1022Suspension
201612German Grand PrixValtteri Bottas79+1 Lap
201613Belgian Grand PrixFelipe Massa1010Finished
201613Belgian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas88Finished
201614Italian Grand PrixFelipe Massa119Finished
201614Italian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas56Finished
201615Singapore Grand PrixFelipe Massa1112+1 Lap
201615Singapore Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1020Overheating
201616Malaysian Grand PrixFelipe Massa1013+1 Lap
201616Malaysian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas115Finished
201617Japanese Grand PrixFelipe Massa129Finished
201617Japanese Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1110Finished
201618United States Grand PrixFelipe Massa97+1 Lap
201618United States Grand PrixValtteri Bottas816+1 Lap
201619Mexican Grand PrixFelipe Massa99Finished
201619Mexican Grand PrixValtteri Bottas88Finished
201620Brazilian Grand PrixFelipe Massa1318Collision
201620Brazilian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1111Finished
201621Abu Dhabi Grand PrixFelipe Massa109Finished
201621Abu Dhabi Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1121Suspension