AT&T Williams – 33(4)
200720(9)16Nico RosbergFW29Toyota RVX-07
 13(11)17Alexander Wurz
 0(22)17Kazuki Nakajima

After one year with Cosworth Williams moved to Toyota power on a three year deal.

Nico Rosberg was partnered by Alexander Wurz but in October Wurz announced his immediate retirement from F1 and was replaced by Kazuki Nakajima for the final race of the season.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20071Australian Grand PrixNico Rosberg127+1 Lap
20071Australian Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1518Collision
20072Malaysian Grand PrixNico Rosberg619Hydraulics
20072Malaysian Grand PrixAlexander Wurz199Finished
20073Bahrain Grand PrixNico Rosberg1010Finished
20073Bahrain Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1111+1 Lap
20074Spanish Grand PrixNico Rosberg116Finished
20074Spanish Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1822Collision
20075Monaco Grand PrixNico Rosberg512+1 Lap
20075Monaco Grand PrixAlexander Wurz117+1 Lap
20076Canadian Grand PrixNico Rosberg710Finished
20076Canadian Grand PrixAlexander Wurz193Finished
20077United States Grand PrixNico Rosberg1416Engine
20077United States Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1710+1 Lap
20078French Grand PrixNico Rosberg99Finished
20078French Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1814+1 Lap
20079British Grand PrixNico Rosberg1712+1 Lap
20079British Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1313+1 Lap
200710European Grand PrixNico Rosberg1120Spun off
200710European Grand PrixAlexander Wurz124Finished
200711Hungarian Grand PrixNico Rosberg47Finished
200711Hungarian Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1214+1 Lap
200712Turkish Grand PrixNico Rosberg87Finished
200712Turkish Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1411Finished
200713Italian Grand PrixNico Rosberg86Finished
200713Italian Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1313+1 Lap
200714Belgian Grand PrixNico Rosberg56Finished
200714Belgian Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1519Fuel pressure
200715Japanese Grand PrixNico Rosberg1618Electronics
200715Japanese Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1822Collision
200716Chinese Grand PrixNico Rosberg1516+2 Laps
200716Chinese Grand PrixAlexander Wurz1912+1 Lap
200717Brazilian Grand PrixNico Rosberg104Finished
200717Brazilian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1910+1 Lap


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