Rothmans Williams Renault – 175(1)
199697(1)5Damon HillFW18RS8/8B
 78(2)6Jacques Villeneuve

After thousands of miles running over the winter Jacques Villeneuve is well prepared for the season ahead. He serves notice of his intention to fight for the championship from day one by taking pole in the first race in Australia and very nearly winning it.

Villeneuve had only to wait until the fourth round, at Nurburgring, Germany, to seal his first race win.

June, Canada – Renault announce that they are pulling out of F1 from 1998 Williams state that they will not make any announcement on future power-plants until the second half of 1997.

Over the course of the year Damon Hill drives a near faultless season, making up for his lacklustre performances the previous year and takes the title. However it is announced before the season’s end that Hill would not be retained and would be replaced by Sauber driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen.

Williams add yet another constructors championship to their already long list of previous wins.

Williams Renault Dealer Racing – 288(3)
1996197(2)2Alain MenuLagunaRenault
 92(9)4Will Hoy


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19961Australian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve12Finished
19961Australian Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished
19962Brazilian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve317Spun off
19962Brazilian Grand PrixDamon Hill11Finished
19963Argentine Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve32Finished
19963Argentine Grand PrixDamon Hill11Finished
19964European Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve21Finished
19964European Grand PrixDamon Hill14Finished
19965San Marino Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve311Suspension
19965San Marino Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished
19966Monaco Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve108Collision
19966Monaco Grand PrixDamon Hill211Engine
19967Spanish Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve23Finished
19967Spanish Grand PrixDamon Hill113Spun off
19968Canadian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve22Finished
19968Canadian Grand PrixDamon Hill11Finished
19969French Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve62Finished
19969French Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished
199610British Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve21Finished
199610British Grand PrixDamon Hill115Wheel
199611German Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve63Finished
199611German Grand PrixDamon Hill11Finished
199612Hungarian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve31Finished
199612Hungarian Grand PrixDamon Hill22Finished
199613Belgian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve12Finished
199613Belgian Grand PrixDamon Hill25Finished
199614Italian Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve27+1 Lap
199614Italian Grand PrixDamon Hill116Spun off
199615Portuguese Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve21Finished
199615Portuguese Grand PrixDamon Hill12Finished
199616Japanese Grand PrixJacques Villeneuve116Wheel
199616Japanese Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished

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