The Williams FW06 was the first car produced by the combination of Frank Williams and Patrick Head for their Williams Grand Prix Engineering Formula One team. As was the standard arrangement for the many small British garagiste teams, the car was powered by the Cosworth DFV 3.0 litre V8 engine.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19781Argentine Grand PrixAlan Jones1420Fuel system
19782Brazilian Grand PrixAlan Jones811+5 Laps
19783South African Grand PrixAlan Jones184Finished
19784United States Grand Prix WestAlan Jones87+1 Lap
19785Monaco Grand PrixAlan Jones1016Oil leak
19786Belgian Grand PrixAlan Jones1110+2 Laps
19787Spanish Grand PrixAlan Jones188+1 Lap
19788Swedish Grand PrixAlan Jones918Wheel
19789French Grand PrixAlan Jones145Finished
197810British Grand PrixAlan Jones622Transmission
197811German Grand PrixAlan Jones615Fuel system
197812Austrian Grand PrixAlan Jones1520Accident
197813Dutch Grand PrixAlan Jones1121Throttle
197814Italian Grand PrixAlan Jones613+1 Lap
197815United States Grand PrixAlan Jones32Finished
197816Canadian Grand PrixAlan Jones59Finished