The Williams FW36 is a Formula One racing car designed by Williams Grand Prix Engineering to compete in the 2014 Formula One season. It was driven by Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa, who replaced the departing Pastor Maldonado.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20141Australian Grand PrixFelipe Massa920Collision
20141Australian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas155Finished
20142Malaysian Grand PrixFelipe Massa137Finished
20142Malaysian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas188Finished
20143Bahrain Grand PrixFelipe Massa77Finished
20143Bahrain Grand PrixValtteri Bottas38Finished
20144Chinese Grand PrixFelipe Massa615+1 Lap
20144Chinese Grand PrixValtteri Bottas77Finished
20145Spanish Grand PrixFelipe Massa913+1 Lap
20145Spanish Grand PrixValtteri Bottas45Finished
20146Monaco Grand PrixFelipe Massa167+1 Lap
20146Monaco Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1316Engine
20147Canadian Grand PrixFelipe Massa512Collision
20147Canadian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas47Finished
20148Austrian Grand PrixFelipe Massa14Finished
20148Austrian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas23Finished
20149British Grand PrixFelipe Massa1521Collision
20149British Grand PrixValtteri Bottas142Finished
201410German Grand PrixFelipe Massa322Collision
201410German Grand PrixValtteri Bottas22Finished
201411Hungarian Grand PrixFelipe Massa65Finished
201411Hungarian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas38Finished
201412Belgian Grand PrixFelipe Massa913Finished
201412Belgian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas63Finished
201413Italian Grand PrixFelipe Massa43Finished
201413Italian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas34Finished
201414Singapore Grand PrixFelipe Massa65Finished
201414Singapore Grand PrixValtteri Bottas811Finished
201415Japanese Grand PrixFelipe Massa47Finished
201415Japanese Grand PrixValtteri Bottas36Finished
201416Russian Grand PrixFelipe Massa1811Finished
201416Russian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas33Finished
201417United States Grand PrixFelipe Massa44Finished
201417United States Grand PrixValtteri Bottas35Finished
201418Brazilian Grand PrixFelipe Massa33Finished
201418Brazilian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas410+1 Lap
201419Abu Dhabi Grand PrixFelipe Massa42Finished
201419Abu Dhabi Grand PrixValtteri Bottas33Finished