The Williams FW32 was a Formula One motor racing car made by Williams for the 2010 season and powered by the sport's brand-new entry-level Cosworth CA2010 engine. The car was driven by Rubens Barrichello and 2009 GP2 Series champion Nico Hülkenberg.

The car was first driven in shakedown tests at Silverstone on January 28 before it was officially unveiled at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo near Valencia, Spain at the first official test on February 1. After Hülkenberg completed the shakedown at Silverstone, Barrichello was given the first day's running at the test, completing 75 laps.In pre-season testing, Barrichello finished at the top of the timesheets once, because of rain. In some sessions, Barrichello was outpaced by his rookie teammate Hülkenberg. Williams was the second team in terms of kilometres covered and showed some reliability, but were off pace from front-runners Red Bull, Ferrari, and McLaren.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20101Bahrain Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1110Finished
20101Bahrain Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1314+1 Lap
20102Australian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello88Finished
20102Australian Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1522Collision
20103Malaysian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello712+1 Lap
20103Malaysian Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg510Finished
20104Chinese Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1112Finished
20104Chinese Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1615+1 Lap
20105Spanish Grand PrixRubens Barrichello179+1 Lap
20105Spanish Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1316+2 Laps
20106Monaco Grand PrixRubens Barrichello918Suspension
20106Monaco Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1124Front wing
20107Turkish Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1514+1 Lap
20107Turkish Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1717+1 Lap
20108Canadian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1114+1 Lap
20108Canadian Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1213+1 Lap
20109European Grand PrixRubens Barrichello94Finished
20109European Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg822Exhaust
201010British Grand PrixRubens Barrichello85Finished
201010British Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1310Finished
201011German Grand PrixRubens Barrichello812+1 Lap
201011German Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1013+1 Lap
201012Hungarian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1210+1 Lap
201012Hungarian Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg106Finished
201013Belgian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello724Collision
201013Belgian Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg914+1 Lap
201014Italian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1010Finished
201014Italian Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg87Finished
201015Singapore Grand PrixRubens Barrichello66Finished
201015Singapore Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1710Finished
201016Japanese Grand PrixRubens Barrichello79Finished
201016Japanese Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg920Accident
201017Korean Grand PrixRubens Barrichello107Finished
201017Korean Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1110Finished
201018Brazilian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello614+1 Lap
201018Brazilian Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg18+1 Lap
201019Abu Dhabi Grand PrixRubens Barrichello712Finished
201019Abu Dhabi Grand PrixNico Hülkenberg1516Finished