Williams F1 Team – 76(8)
201245(15)18Pastor MaldonadoFW34Renault RS27-2012
 31(16)19Bruno Senna

Pastor Maldonado was retained but was this season joined by Bruno Senna. Up-and-coming Valtteri Bottas joins as Reserve Driver.

After the awful 2011 season a return to Renault engines gives the team more hope and even a surprise win at the Spanish Grand Prix with Maldonado holding off a fast charging Alonso for his first win. Celebrations are short lived, however, as a fire breaks out in the team’s garages after the race.

Behind the scenes respected Williams Chairman, Adam Parr, steps down due, in part, to ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone:

“I had resigned that week, rightly or wrongly believing that Ecclestone had told my board that no Concorde offer would be forthcoming while I was running Williams. Under the circumstances, I chose to stand down so that the team could make the best deal possible with him. The offer arrived the day after my resignation had been announced.”


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20121Australian Grand PrixBruno Senna1416Collision
20121Australian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado813Accident
20122Malaysian Grand PrixBruno Senna136Finished
20122Malaysian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1119Engine
20123Chinese Grand PrixBruno Senna147Finished
20123Chinese Grand PrixPastor Maldonado138Finished
20124Bahrain Grand PrixBruno Senna1522Vibrations
20124Bahrain Grand PrixPastor Maldonado2123Puncture
20125Spanish Grand PrixBruno Senna1723Collision
20125Spanish Grand PrixPastor Maldonado11Finished
20126Monaco Grand PrixBruno Senna1310Finished
20126Monaco Grand PrixPastor Maldonado2423Accident
20127Canadian Grand PrixBruno Senna1617+1 Lap
20127Canadian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado2213Finished
20128European Grand PrixBruno Senna1410Finished
20128European Grand PrixPastor Maldonado312Finished
20129British Grand PrixBruno Senna139Finished
20129British Grand PrixPastor Maldonado716+1 Lap
201210German Grand PrixBruno Senna1417+1 Lap
201210German Grand PrixPastor Maldonado515+1 Lap
201211Hungarian Grand PrixBruno Senna97Finished
201211Hungarian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado813Finished
201212Belgian Grand PrixBruno Senna1712Finished
201212Belgian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado620Collision
201213Italian Grand PrixBruno Senna1310Finished
201213Italian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado2211Finished
201214Singapore Grand PrixBruno Senna2218Retired
201214Singapore Grand PrixPastor Maldonado222Hydraulics
201215Japanese Grand PrixBruno Senna1614Finished
201215Japanese Grand PrixPastor Maldonado128Finished
201216Korean Grand PrixBruno Senna1715Finished
201216Korean Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1514Finished
201217Indian Grand PrixBruno Senna1310Finished
201217Indian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado916+1 Lap
201218Abu Dhabi Grand PrixBruno Senna148Finished
201218Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPastor Maldonado35Finished
201219United States Grand PrixBruno Senna1010Finished
201219United States Grand PrixPastor Maldonado99Finished
201220Brazilian Grand PrixBruno Senna1123Collision
201220Brazilian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1622Collision


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