Canon Williams Renault – 57(4)
199034(5)5Thierry BoutsenFW13CRS2
199023(7)6Ricardo Patrese

Early season win for Patrese in only round three.

June – Jean Alesi tipped to transfer from Tyrrell although team owner, Ken Tyrrell, insists that Alesi is under contract to him for 1991, with no buy-out clause.

Adrian Newey joins the team from Leyton House as chief aerodynamicist.

R.J. Reynolds announce that their Camel sponsorship is to transfer from Team Lotus to Williams.

July – Nigel Mansell announces that he is to retire from Formula One at the season…

September – Williams announce that Nigel Mansell is to join the team next season as number one driver replacing Thierry Boutsen.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19901United States Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese129+1 Lap
19901United States Grand PrixThierry Boutsen93Finished
19902Brazilian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese413Oil pressure
19902Brazilian Grand PrixThierry Boutsen35+1 Lap
19903San Marino Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese31Finished
19903San Marino Grand PrixThierry Boutsen420Engine
19904Monaco Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese413Distributor
19904Monaco Grand PrixThierry Boutsen64+1 Lap
19905Canadian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese918Brakes
19905Canadian Grand PrixThierry Boutsen622Collision
19906Mexican Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese29Finished
19906Mexican Grand PrixThierry Boutsen55Finished
19907French Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese66Finished
19907French Grand PrixThierry Boutsen825Engine
19908British Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese721Chassis
19908British Grand PrixThierry Boutsen42Finished
19909German Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese55Finished
19909German Grand PrixThierry Boutsen66Finished
199010Hungarian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese24Finished
199010Hungarian Grand PrixThierry Boutsen11Finished
199011Belgian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese722Gearbox
199011Belgian Grand PrixThierry Boutsen420Transmission
199012Italian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese75Finished
199012Italian Grand PrixThierry Boutsen620Suspension
199013Portuguese Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese57+1 Lap
199013Portuguese Grand PrixThierry Boutsen719Engine
199014Spanish Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese65Finished
199014Spanish Grand PrixThierry Boutsen74Finished
199015Japanese Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese74Finished
199015Japanese Grand PrixThierry Boutsen55Finished
199016Australian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese66+1 Lap
199016Australian Grand PrixThierry Boutsen95Finished

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