The Williams FW41 is a Formula One racing car designed by Paddy Lowe and Dirk de Beer for the Williams team, to compete in the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championship. The car made its competitive debut at the 2018 Australian Grand Prix, and was driven by Lance Stroll in his second season with the team; and Sergey Sirotkin, making his competitive debut in Formula One.

Williams had finished fifth in the Constructors Championship in both 2016 and 2017, but saw their performance decline severely in 2018. Although the car had good reliability, its pace was poor and the team ended up at the back of the field mostly fighting the Toro Rossos. Their first points came in Azerbaijan when Stroll finished 8th. The team would not score points again until Italy, when Stroll and Sirotkin finished 9th and 10th respectively. They finished 10th and last in the Constructors' Championship, their lowest ever position. However, the seven points they scored exceeded the five points scored in both 2011 and 2013.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20181Australian Grand PrixLance Stroll1314Finished
20181Australian Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1920Brakes
20182Bahrain Grand PrixLance Stroll2014+1 Lap
20182Bahrain Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1815+1 Lap
20183Chinese Grand PrixLance Stroll1814Finished
20183Chinese Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1615Finished
20184Azerbaijan Grand PrixLance Stroll108Finished
20184Azerbaijan Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1120Collision
20185Spanish Grand PrixLance Stroll1811+2 Laps
20185Spanish Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1914+3 Laps
20186Monaco Grand PrixLance Stroll1717+2 Laps
20186Monaco Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1316+1 Lap
20187Canadian Grand PrixLance Stroll1720Collision
20187Canadian Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1817+2 Laps
20188French Grand PrixLance Stroll1917Puncture
20188French Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1815+1 Lap
20189Austrian Grand PrixLance Stroll1414+2 Laps
20189Austrian Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1713+2 Laps
201810British Grand PrixLance Stroll1912Finished
201810British Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1814Finished
201811German Grand PrixLance Stroll1817Engine
201811German Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1219Engine
201812Hungarian Grand PrixLance Stroll1517+2 Laps
201812Hungarian Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin2016+2 Laps
201813Belgian Grand PrixLance Stroll1713+1 Lap
201813Belgian Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1612+1 Lap
201814Italian Grand PrixLance Stroll109+1 Lap
201814Italian Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1210+1 Lap
201815Singapore Grand PrixLance Stroll2014+1 Lap
201815Singapore Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1919+2 Laps
201816Russian Grand PrixLance Stroll1415+1 Lap
201816Russian Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1318+2 Laps
201817Japanese Grand PrixLance Stroll1417+1 Lap
201817Japanese Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1716+1 Lap
201818United States Grand PrixLance Stroll1514+2 Laps
201818United States Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1413+1 Lap
201819Mexican Grand PrixLance Stroll1712+2 Laps
201819Mexican Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1913+2 Laps
201820Brazilian Grand PrixLance Stroll1918+2 Laps
201820Brazilian Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1416+2 Laps
201821Abu Dhabi Grand PrixLance Stroll2013+1 Lap
201821Abu Dhabi Grand PrixSergey Sirotkin1915+1 Lap