Rothmans Williams Renault – 118(1)
199491(2)0Damon HillFW16/16BRS6
 0(0)2Ayrton Senna
 13(9)2Nigel Mansell
 14(8)2David Coulthard

The FW16 proves to be a difficult car right from the start with only Senna’s brilliance able to drag it round and onto pole position for the first three races.

Having scored no points from the first two rounds Senna came to Imola determined to put the record straight. Unfortunately that was not to be. On the 1st May Senna was killed in a horrific accident that shocked the world.

Damon Hill, who had been retained to partner Senna, was the sole Williams entrant at Monaco.

David Coulthard, the Williams test driver was drafted in to replace Senna and, for the race where there was no clash with his IndyCar schedule, Nigel Mansell drove.

Mansell did a total of three races, winning the last in Australia. This would prove to be his last F1 win.

Williams has an option on Mansell’s services for 1995, which Mansell fully expected to be taken up, however, once again, he found himself out of favour and out of a drive at Williams.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19941Brazilian Grand PrixDamon Hill42+1 Lap
19941Brazilian Grand PrixAyrton Senna113Spun off
19942Pacific Grand PrixDamon Hill318Transmission
19942Pacific Grand PrixAyrton Senna124Collision
19943San Marino Grand PrixDamon Hill46+1 Lap
19943San Marino Grand PrixAyrton Senna122Accident
19944Monaco Grand PrixDamon Hill422Collision
19945Spanish Grand PrixDavid Coulthard917Electrical
19945Spanish Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished
19946Canadian Grand PrixDavid Coulthard55+1 Lap
19946Canadian Grand PrixDamon Hill42Finished
19947French Grand PrixDamon Hill12Finished
19947French Grand PrixNigel Mansell214Gearbox
19948British Grand PrixDavid Coulthard75+1 Lap
19948British Grand PrixDamon Hill11Finished
19949German Grand PrixDavid Coulthard613Electrical
19949German Grand PrixDamon Hill38+1 Lap
199410Hungarian Grand PrixDavid Coulthard315Spun off
199410Hungarian Grand PrixDamon Hill22Finished
199411Belgian Grand PrixDavid Coulthard74Finished
199411Belgian Grand PrixDamon Hill31Finished
199412Italian Grand PrixDavid Coulthard56Out of fuel
199412Italian Grand PrixDamon Hill31Finished
199413Portuguese Grand PrixDavid Coulthard32Finished
199413Portuguese Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished
199414European Grand PrixDamon Hill22Finished
199414European Grand PrixNigel Mansell320Spun off
199415Japanese Grand PrixDamon Hill21Finished
199415Japanese Grand PrixNigel Mansell44Finished
199416Australian Grand PrixDamon Hill319Collision
199416Australian Grand PrixNigel Mansell11Finished

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