AT&T Williams – 26(8)
200817(13)7Nico RosbergFW30Toyota RVX-08
 9(15)8Kazuki Nakajima

Having taken over from Alexander Wurz for the last race of the previous season Kazuki Nakajima joined Nico Rosberg for all of 2008.

After a relatively successful 2007 there was reason for some optimism for this season when Rosberg finishes third in the opening race but this proves to be a difficult season with the team eventually finishing 8th.

Monza marks the 500th Grand Prix for the team.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20081Australian Grand PrixNico Rosberg73Finished
20081Australian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima136+1 Lap
20082Malaysian Grand PrixNico Rosberg1614+1 Lap
20082Malaysian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima2217+2 Laps
20083Bahrain Grand PrixNico Rosberg88Finished
20083Bahrain Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1614+1 Lap
20084Spanish Grand PrixNico Rosberg1514Engine
20084Spanish Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima127Finished
20085Turkish Grand PrixNico Rosberg118Finished
20085Turkish Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1619Collision
20086Monaco Grand PrixNico Rosberg616Accident
20086Monaco Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima137Finished
20087Canadian Grand PrixNico Rosberg510Finished
20087Canadian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1215Accident
20088French Grand PrixNico Rosberg1916+1 Lap
20088French Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1515+1 Lap
20089British Grand PrixNico Rosberg209+1 Lap
20089British Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima158+1 Lap
200810German Grand PrixNico Rosberg1310Finished
200810German Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1614Finished
200811Hungarian Grand PrixNico Rosberg1414+1 Lap
200811Hungarian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1613+1 Lap
200812European Grand PrixNico Rosberg98Finished
200812European Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1115+1 Lap
200813Belgian Grand PrixNico Rosberg1512+1 Lap
200813Belgian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1914+1 Lap
200814Italian Grand PrixNico Rosberg514Finished
200814Italian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1812Finished
200815Singapore Grand PrixNico Rosberg82Finished
200815Singapore Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima108Finished
200816Japanese Grand PrixNico Rosberg1511Finished
200816Japanese Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1415+1 Lap
200817Chinese Grand PrixNico Rosberg1415+1 Lap
200817Chinese Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1712Finished
200818Brazilian Grand PrixNico Rosberg1812+1 Lap
200818Brazilian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1617+2 Laps


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