Albilad Williams Racing Team – 120(1)
198067/71(1)27Alan JonesFW07BCosworth V8
 42/51(3)28Carlos Reutemann

The FOCA/FISA war gave Williams cause for concern. To ensure the team’s livelihood WGPE undertook a special project for Rover – to create the Metro 6R4 rally car.

Carlos Reutemann replaces Regazzoni.

The team goes one place better than 1979 by taking the constructors championship for the first time. Scoring nearly double the points of nearest challenger, Liger.

Alan Jones completes the double by taking the drivers championship too.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19801Argentine Grand PrixAlan Jones11Finished
19801Argentine Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann1018Engine
19802Brazilian Grand PrixAlan Jones103Finished
19802Brazilian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann424Halfshaft
19803South African Grand PrixAlan Jones819Gearbox
19803South African Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann65+1 Lap
19804United States Grand Prix WestAlan Jones514Accident
19804United States Grand Prix WestCarlos Reutemann719Transmission
19805Belgian Grand PrixAlan Jones12Finished
19805Belgian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann43Finished
19806Monaco Grand PrixAlan Jones316Differential
19806Monaco Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann21Finished
19807French Grand PrixAlan Jones41Finished
19807French Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann56Finished
19808British Grand PrixAlan Jones31Finished
19808British Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann43Finished
19809German Grand PrixAlan Jones13Finished
19809German Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann42Finished
198010Austrian Grand PrixAlan Jones32Finished
198010Austrian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann43Finished
198011Dutch Grand PrixAlan Jones411+3 Laps
198011Dutch Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann34Finished
198012Italian Grand PrixAlan Jones62Finished
198012Italian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann33Finished
198013Canadian Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
198013Canadian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann52Finished
198014United States Grand PrixAlan Jones51Finished
198014United States Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann32Finished

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