The Williams FW09 was a Formula One car designed by Frank Dernie and Neil Oatley. It was the first Williams chassis to be powered by a turbocharged Honda V6 engine, for which Frank Williams negotiated a deal towards the end of 1982 and the beginning of 1983.

Honda was already supplying the small Spirit team for 1983, but was enthusiastic about supplying Williams, who not only had the reigning World Champion Keke Rosberg as lead driver, but were one of the leading constructors in Formula One who had previously won both the Drivers' and Constructors titles on two occasions, a résumé that neither Spirit nor their young Swedish driver Stefan Johansson could match. Williams had agreed to help develop the engine under Grand Prix race conditions. Spirit folded shortly afterwards.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19841Brazilian Grand PrixJacques Laffite1322Electrical
19841Brazilian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg92Finished
19842South African Grand PrixJacques Laffite1116Transmission
19842South African Grand PrixKeke Rosberg218Wheel
19843Belgian Grand PrixJacques Laffite1519Electrical
19843Belgian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg34Out of fuel
19844San Marino Grand PrixJacques Laffite1521Engine
19844San Marino Grand PrixKeke Rosberg324Electrical
19845French Grand PrixJacques Laffite128+1 Lap
19845French Grand PrixKeke Rosberg46+1 Lap
19846Monaco Grand PrixJacques Laffite168+1 Lap
19846Monaco Grand PrixKeke Rosberg104Finished
19847Canadian Grand PrixJacques Laffite1722Turbo
19847Canadian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg1521Fuel system
19848Detroit Grand PrixJacques Laffite195+1 Lap
19848Detroit Grand PrixKeke Rosberg218Turbo
19849Dallas Grand PrixJacques Laffite244+2 Laps
19849Dallas Grand PrixKeke Rosberg81Finished
198410British Grand PrixJacques Laffite1619Water pump
198410British Grand PrixKeke Rosberg523Engine
198411German Grand PrixJacques Laffite1221Engine
198411German Grand PrixKeke Rosberg1920Electrical
198412Austrian Grand PrixJacques Laffite1123Engine
198412Austrian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg922Handling
198413Dutch Grand PrixJacques Laffite820Engine
198413Dutch Grand PrixKeke Rosberg78Out of fuel
198414Italian Grand PrixJacques Laffite1319Turbo
198414Italian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg620Turbo
198415European Grand PrixJacques Laffite1419Engine
198415European Grand PrixKeke Rosberg422Accident
198416Portuguese Grand PrixJacques Laffite1514+3 Laps
198416Portuguese Grand PrixKeke Rosberg422Engine