The Williams FW22 was the car with which the Williams team competed in the 2000 Formula One World Championship. It marked the first year of the team's collaboration with BMW as an engine supplier, a partnership that would last until the end of 2005; this was also the first Formula One car since 1987 to use BMW engines.

An evolution of the previous season's FW21, the FW22 proved to be extremely promising in the hands of young German driver Ralf Schumacher and English debutant Jenson Button. Schumacher achieved eight points finishes (including three third places) and Button six; at the Brazilian Grand Prix, the Englishman became the youngest driver at that time to score a World Championship point, aged 20 years and two months. Schumacher finished fifth in the Drivers' Championship with 24 points while Button finished eighth with 12; the combined 36 points placed Williams third in the Constructors' Championship, behind the dominant Ferrari and McLaren teams.

The FW22 also marked the return to Williams of a blue and white livery with the new Compaq sponsorship, after two years in red with Winfield.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20001Australian Grand PrixJenson Button2111Engine
20001Australian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher113Finished
20002Brazilian Grand PrixJenson Button96+1 Lap
20002Brazilian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher115+1 Lap
20003San Marino Grand PrixJenson Button1820Engine
20003San Marino Grand PrixRalf Schumacher517Fuel system
20004British Grand PrixJenson Button65Finished
20004British Grand PrixRalf Schumacher74Finished
20005Spanish Grand PrixJenson Button1017Engine
20005Spanish Grand PrixRalf Schumacher54Finished
20006European Grand PrixJenson Button1110Electrical
20006European Grand PrixRalf Schumacher518Collision
20007Monaco Grand PrixJenson Button1421Engine
20007Monaco Grand PrixRalf Schumacher914Spun off
20008Canadian Grand PrixJenson Button1811+1 Lap
20008Canadian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher1214Collision
20009French Grand PrixJenson Button108+1 Lap
20009French Grand PrixRalf Schumacher55Finished
200010Austrian Grand PrixJenson Button185+1 Lap
200010Austrian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher1914Brakes
200011German Grand PrixJenson Button164Finished
200011German Grand PrixRalf Schumacher147Finished
200012Hungarian Grand PrixJenson Button89+1 Lap
200012Hungarian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher45Finished
200013Belgian Grand PrixJenson Button35Finished
200013Belgian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher63Finished
200014Italian Grand PrixJenson Button1215Spun off
200014Italian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher73Finished
200015United States Grand PrixJenson Button621Engine
200015United States Grand PrixRalf Schumacher1015Engine
200016Japanese Grand PrixJenson Button55Finished
200016Japanese Grand PrixRalf Schumacher617Spun off
200017Malaysian Grand PrixJenson Button1618Engine
200017Malaysian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher816Engine