Albilad Williams Racing Team – 95(1)
198146(3)1Alan JonesFW07CCosworth V8
 49(2)2Carlos Reutemann

In an effort to find more grip the team tries out a six-wheeled car. This was to be the first of several tests over the next couple of seasons. The project was finally scrapped when the FIA amended the rules to specifically ban them.

Latest evolution of the FW07, the ‘c’ was raced, with less success than the previous year’s ‘b’.

Team take their second constructor’s championship but the drivers, Reutemann and Jones, could only manage 2nd and 3rd in the drivers championship.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19811United States Grand Prix WestAlan Jones21Finished
19811United States Grand Prix WestCarlos Reutemann32Finished
19812Brazilian Grand PrixAlan Jones32Finished
19812Brazilian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann21Finished
19813Argentine Grand PrixAlan Jones34Finished
19813Argentine Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann42Finished
19814San Marino Grand PrixAlan Jones812+2 Laps
19814San Marino Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann23Finished
19815Belgian Grand PrixAlan Jones618Accident
19815Belgian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann11Finished
19816Monaco Grand PrixAlan Jones72Finished
19816Monaco Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann413Gearbox
19817Spanish Grand PrixAlan Jones27Finished
19817Spanish Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann34Finished
19818French Grand PrixAlan Jones917Collision
19818French Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann710+2 Laps
19819British Grand PrixAlan Jones721Collision
19819British Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann92Finished
198110German Grand PrixAlan Jones411+1 Lap
198110German Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann318Engine
198111Austrian Grand PrixAlan Jones64Finished
198111Austrian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann55Finished
198112Dutch Grand PrixAlan Jones43Finished
198112Dutch Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann518Collision
198113Italian Grand PrixAlan Jones52Finished
198113Italian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann23Finished
198114Canadian Grand PrixAlan Jones319Handling
198114Canadian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann210+3 Laps
198115Caesars Palace Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
198115Caesars Palace Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann18+1 Lap

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