600 Races
Williams F1 Team – 5(9)
20131(18)16Pastor MaldonadoFW35Renault RS27-2013
 4(17)17Valtteri Bottas

More change for 2013 as Pastor Maldonado is joined by Valtteri Bottas.

2013 turned out to be a real annus horribilis for Williams with the team not scoring any points until Hungary in August. This lead to another clean sweep with Mike Coughlan leaving the team mid-season to be replaced by Pat Symonds. Also Toto Wolff leaves the team to join Mercedes in a similar role while Claire Williams becomes deputy team principal.

Williams also passes the 600 races milestone this season.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20131Australian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1721Spun off
20131Australian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1614+1 Lap
20132Malaysian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1619Retired
20132Malaysian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1811Finished
20133Chinese Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1414Finished
20133Chinese Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1613Finished
20134Bahrain Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1711Finished
20134Bahrain Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1514Finished
20135Spanish Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1714+1 Lap
20135Spanish Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1616+1 Lap
20136Monaco Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1620Collision
20136Monaco Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1412Finished
20137Canadian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1316+2 Laps
20137Canadian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas314+1 Lap
20138British Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1511Finished
20138British Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1612Finished
20139German Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1815Finished
20139German Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1716+1 Lap
201310Hungarian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1510+1 Lap
201310Hungarian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1620Hydraulics
201311Belgian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1717+1 Lap
201311Belgian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas2015Finished
201312Italian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1414Finished
201312Italian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1815Finished
201313Singapore Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1811Finished
201313Singapore Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1613Finished
201314Korean Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1813Finished
201314Korean Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1712Finished
201315Japanese Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1516+1 Lap
201315Japanese Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1317+1 Lap
201316Indian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1812Finished
201316Indian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1516+1 Lap
201317Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1411Finished
201317Abu Dhabi Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1515+1 Lap
201318United States Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1717+1 Lap
201318United States Grand PrixValtteri Bottas98Finished
201319Brazilian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1616+1 Lap
201319Brazilian Grand PrixValtteri Bottas1321Accident


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