The Williams FW33 was a Formula One racing car developed by Williams F1 for the 2011 Formula One season. It was driven by Brazilian veteran Rubens Barrichello and 2010 GP2 Series champion and rookie driver Pastor Maldonado. The car was shaken down at Silverstone on 28 January 2011, and made its full on-track debut at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia, Spain, on 1 February 2011 in an interim testing livery. The definitive livery was released on 24 February, adding white, silver and red to the existing dark blue in a design directly inspired by the Rothmans livery used from 1994 to 1997.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20111Australian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1716Transmission
20111Australian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1520Transmission
20112Malaysian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1522Gearbox
20112Malaysian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1824Engine misfire
20113Chinese Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1513Finished
20113Chinese Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1718+1 Lap
20114Turkish Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1115+1 Lap
20114Turkish Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1417+1 Lap
20115Spanish Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1917+2 Laps
20115Spanish Grand PrixPastor Maldonado915+1 Lap
20116Monaco Grand PrixRubens Barrichello119+1 Lap
20116Monaco Grand PrixPastor Maldonado818Accident
20117Canadian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello169Finished
20117Canadian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1219Retired
20118European Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1312+1 Lap
20118European Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1518+1 Lap
20119British Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1513+1 Lap
20119British Grand PrixPastor Maldonado714+1 Lap
201110German Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1423Oil leak
201110German Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1314+1 Lap
201111Hungarian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1513+2 Laps
201111Hungarian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1716+2 Laps
201112Belgian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1416+1 Lap
201112Belgian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado2110Finished
201113Italian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1312+1 Lap
201113Italian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1411+1 Lap
201114Singapore Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1213+1 Lap
201114Singapore Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1311+1 Lap
201115Japanese Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1317Finished
201115Japanese Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1414Finished
201116Korean Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1812Finished
201116Korean Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1622Clutch
201117Indian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1515+2 Laps
201117Indian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1322Gearbox
201118Abu Dhabi Grand PrixRubens Barrichello2412+1 Lap
201118Abu Dhabi Grand PrixPastor Maldonado2314+1 Lap
201119Brazilian Grand PrixRubens Barrichello1214+1 Lap
201119Brazilian Grand PrixPastor Maldonado1823Retired