The Williams FW42 was a Formula One racing car designed by Paddy Lowe, Doug McKiernan and Dave Wheater for the ROKiT Williams Racing team, to compete in the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship. The car made its competitive debut at the 2019 Australian Grand Prix, driven by the reigning 2018 FIA Formula 2 Champion George Russell who was making his Formula One début; and Robert Kubica, who returned for his first racing season in Formula One since 2010, after recovering from life-threatening injuries suffered in a rally car accident in early 2011.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20191Australian Grand PrixRobert Kubica2017+3 Laps
20191Australian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1916+2 Laps
20192Bahrain Grand PrixRobert Kubica2016+2 Laps
20192Bahrain Grand PrixGeorge Russell1915+1 Lap
20193Chinese Grand PrixRobert Kubica1817+2 Laps
20193Chinese Grand PrixGeorge Russell1716+2 Laps
20194Azerbaijan Grand PrixRobert Kubica016+2 Laps
20194Azerbaijan Grand PrixGeorge Russell1615+2 Laps
20195Spanish Grand PrixRobert Kubica1718+1 Lap
20195Spanish Grand PrixGeorge Russell1917+1 Lap
20196Monaco Grand PrixRobert Kubica2018+1 Lap
20196Monaco Grand PrixGeorge Russell1915+1 Lap
20197Canadian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1918+3 Laps
20197Canadian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1816+2 Laps
20198French Grand PrixRobert Kubica1818+2 Laps
20198French Grand PrixGeorge Russell2019+2 Laps
20199Austrian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1720+3 Laps
20199Austrian Grand PrixGeorge Russell018+2 Laps
201910British Grand PrixRobert Kubica2015+1 Lap
201910British Grand PrixGeorge Russell1914+1 Lap
201911German Grand PrixRobert Kubica1810Finished
201911German Grand PrixGeorge Russell1711Finished
201912Hungarian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1919+3 Laps
201912Hungarian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1516+2 Laps
201913Belgian Grand PrixRobert Kubica017+1 Lap
201913Belgian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1415+1 Lap
201914Italian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1517+2 Laps
201914Italian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1414+1 Lap
201915Singapore Grand PrixRobert Kubica1916Finished
201915Singapore Grand PrixGeorge Russell1820Collision
201916Russian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1816Brakes
201916Russian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1717Brakes
201917Japanese Grand PrixRobert Kubica017+2 Laps
201917Japanese Grand PrixGeorge Russell1816+2 Laps
201918Mexican Grand PrixRobert Kubica2018+2 Laps
201918Mexican Grand PrixGeorge Russell1916+2 Laps
201919United States Grand PrixRobert Kubica1919Oil leak
201919United States Grand PrixGeorge Russell1817+2 Laps
201920Brazilian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1916+1 Lap
201920Brazilian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1812Finished
201921Abu Dhabi Grand PrixRobert Kubica1919+2 Laps
201921Abu Dhabi Grand PrixGeorge Russell1817+1 Lap