The Williams FW07 was a ground effect Formula One racing car designed by Patrick Head and Frank Dernie for the 1979 F1 season. It was closely based on the Lotus 79, even being developed in the same wind tunnel at Imperial College London. Some observers, among them Lotus aerodynamicist Peter Wright felt the FW07 was little more than a re-engineered Lotus 79. The car was small and simple and extremely light, powered by the ubiquitous Ford Cosworth DFV. It had very clean lines and seemed to be a strong challenger for the new season, but early reliability problems halted any serious threat for the title. While not the first to use ground effects in Formula One, an honour belonging to Colin Chapman and the Lotus 78 (the Lotus 79's predecessor), Head may have had a better grasp of the principles than even Chapman. While Head had been developing the Lotus 78's/79's basic principles in the FW07, Chapman’s design team was attempting to take the ground effect idea further ahead of rivals on the Lotus 80 engaging the entire bottom of the chassis as an aerodynamic device for generating downforce without the necessity of external wings. Since the Lotus 80 solution had many drawbacks, Chapman devised the twin-chassis concept of Lotus 86 and 88 that should have solved the issues, but it was never allowed to race due to failure to comply with existing technical rules.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19791Argentine Grand PrixAlan Jones159+2 Laps
19791Argentine Grand PrixClay Regazzoni1710+2 Laps
19792Brazilian Grand PrixAlan Jones1316Fuel system
19792Brazilian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni1715+2 Laps
19793South African Grand PrixAlan Jones1916Suspension
19793South African Grand PrixClay Regazzoni229+2 Laps
19794United States Grand Prix WestAlan Jones103Finished
19794United States Grand Prix WestClay Regazzoni1515Engine
19795Spanish Grand PrixAlan Jones1317Gearbox
19795Spanish Grand PrixClay Regazzoni1419Engine
19796Belgian Grand PrixAlan Jones414Electrical
19796Belgian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni824Accident
19797Monaco Grand PrixAlan Jones911Steering
19797Monaco Grand PrixClay Regazzoni162Finished
19798French Grand PrixAlan Jones74Finished
19798French Grand PrixClay Regazzoni96Finished
19799British Grand PrixAlan Jones118Water pump
19799British Grand PrixClay Regazzoni41Finished
197910German Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
197910German Grand PrixClay Regazzoni62Finished
197911Austrian Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
197911Austrian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni65Finished
197912Dutch Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
197912Dutch Grand PrixClay Regazzoni324Accident
197913Italian Grand PrixAlan Jones49+1 Lap
197913Italian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni63Finished
197914Canadian Grand PrixAlan Jones11Finished
197914Canadian Grand PrixClay Regazzoni33Finished
197915United States Grand PrixAlan Jones112Wheel
197915United States Grand PrixClay Regazzoni514Accident
19801Argentine Grand PrixAlan Jones11Finished
19801Argentine Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann1018Engine
19802Brazilian Grand PrixAlan Jones103Finished
19802Brazilian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann424Halfshaft
19803South African Grand PrixAlan Jones819Gearbox
19803South African Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann65+1 Lap
19804United States Grand Prix WestAlan Jones514Accident
19804United States Grand Prix WestCarlos Reutemann719Transmission
19805Belgian Grand PrixAlan Jones12Finished
19805Belgian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann43Finished
19806Monaco Grand PrixAlan Jones316Differential
19806Monaco Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann21Finished
19807French Grand PrixAlan Jones41Finished
19807French Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann56Finished
19808British Grand PrixAlan Jones31Finished
19808British Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann43Finished
19808British Grand PrixRupert Keegan1811+3 Laps
19808British Grand PrixDesiré Wilson027Did not qualify
19809German Grand PrixAlan Jones13Finished
19809German Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann42Finished
19809German Grand PrixRupert Keegan025Did not qualify
198010Austrian Grand PrixAlan Jones32Finished
198010Austrian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann43Finished
198010Austrian Grand PrixRupert Keegan2015+2 Laps
198011Dutch Grand PrixAlan Jones411+3 Laps
198011Dutch Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann34Finished
198011Dutch Grand PrixRupert Keegan025Did not qualify
198012Italian Grand PrixAlan Jones62Finished
198012Italian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann33Finished
198012Italian Grand PrixRupert Keegan2111+2 Laps
198013Canadian Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
198013Canadian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann52Finished
198013Canadian Grand PrixRupert Keegan027Did not qualify
198013Canadian Grand PrixKevin Cogan028Did not qualify
198014United States Grand PrixAlan Jones51Finished
198014United States Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann32Finished
198014United States Grand PrixGeoff Lees027Did not qualify
198014United States Grand PrixRupert Keegan159+2 Laps
19811United States Grand Prix WestAlan Jones21Finished
19811United States Grand Prix WestCarlos Reutemann32Finished
19812Brazilian Grand PrixAlan Jones32Finished
19812Brazilian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann21Finished
19813Argentine Grand PrixAlan Jones34Finished
19813Argentine Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann42Finished
19814San Marino Grand PrixAlan Jones812+2 Laps
19814San Marino Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann23Finished
19815Belgian Grand PrixAlan Jones618Accident
19815Belgian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann11Finished
19816Monaco Grand PrixAlan Jones72Finished
19816Monaco Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann413Gearbox
19817Spanish Grand PrixAlan Jones27Finished
19817Spanish Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann34Finished
19818French Grand PrixAlan Jones917Collision
19818French Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann710+2 Laps
19819British Grand PrixAlan Jones721Collision
19819British Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann92Finished
198110German Grand PrixAlan Jones411+1 Lap
198110German Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann318Engine
198111Austrian Grand PrixAlan Jones64Finished
198111Austrian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann55Finished
198112Dutch Grand PrixAlan Jones43Finished
198112Dutch Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann518Collision
198113Italian Grand PrixAlan Jones52Finished
198113Italian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann23Finished
198114Canadian Grand PrixAlan Jones319Handling
198114Canadian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann210+3 Laps
198115Caesars Palace Grand PrixAlan Jones21Finished
198115Caesars Palace Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann18+1 Lap