ROKiT Williams Racing – 1(10)
Year Points(Position) Car Driver Chassis Engine
2019 1(19) 88 Robert Kubica FW42 Mercedes M10 EQ Power+
0(20) 63 George Russell

2019 really was the year you’d wish to forget. If you thought that 2018 was bad then 2019 managed to top that which was quite a feat.

The issues started long before the car hit the track. Martini had left as a sponsor at the end of the season and so the team initially courted dodgy energy drinks company Rich Energy. The fact that they pulled out from the deal and went with Haas at the 11th hour turned out to be a blessing in the end given what happened there. Into the breach stepped ROKiT who became the lead sponsor in a deal that really seems to be built on similar values to Williams themselves.

It was all change on the driver front too with the Strolls exiting to Force India in came Robert Kubica who stepped up from the reserve driver role bringing with him Orlen sponsorship and highly rated rookie George Russell.

If having a driver with that much experience paired with such an exciting junior was a great prospect the car was an absolute disaster. The FW42 was late – not just a little bit, but a lot – it missed the pre-season testing by a whole two and a half days. To make matters worse not only was it late to the track but it was late on the track too – not just a little bit, but a lot – sometime four seconds off the back of the next team. It was disaster and heads needed to roll and before the season began Paddy Lowe was off.

The remainder of the season was a slog as the car was highly uncompetitive and, much like last year, one driver was upbeat and positive with Kubica taking over the role of pantomime villain from Stroll. It was draining to watch and must have been pretty awful for those in the team. 2020 must be a step-up surely?


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20191Australian Grand PrixRobert Kubica2017+3 Laps
20191Australian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1916+2 Laps
20192Bahrain Grand PrixRobert Kubica2016+2 Laps
20192Bahrain Grand PrixGeorge Russell1915+1 Lap
20193Chinese Grand PrixRobert Kubica1817+2 Laps
20193Chinese Grand PrixGeorge Russell1716+2 Laps
20194Azerbaijan Grand PrixRobert Kubica016+2 Laps
20194Azerbaijan Grand PrixGeorge Russell1615+2 Laps
20195Spanish Grand PrixRobert Kubica1718+1 Lap
20195Spanish Grand PrixGeorge Russell1917+1 Lap
20196Monaco Grand PrixRobert Kubica2018+1 Lap
20196Monaco Grand PrixGeorge Russell1915+1 Lap
20197Canadian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1918+3 Laps
20197Canadian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1816+2 Laps
20198French Grand PrixRobert Kubica1818+2 Laps
20198French Grand PrixGeorge Russell2019+2 Laps
20199Austrian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1720+3 Laps
20199Austrian Grand PrixGeorge Russell018+2 Laps
201910British Grand PrixRobert Kubica2015+1 Lap
201910British Grand PrixGeorge Russell1914+1 Lap
201911German Grand PrixRobert Kubica1810Finished
201911German Grand PrixGeorge Russell1711Finished
201912Hungarian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1919+3 Laps
201912Hungarian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1516+2 Laps
201913Belgian Grand PrixRobert Kubica017+1 Lap
201913Belgian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1415+1 Lap
201914Italian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1517+2 Laps
201914Italian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1414+1 Lap
201915Singapore Grand PrixRobert Kubica1916Finished
201915Singapore Grand PrixGeorge Russell1820Collision
201916Russian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1816Brakes
201916Russian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1717Brakes
201917Japanese Grand PrixRobert Kubica017+2 Laps
201917Japanese Grand PrixGeorge Russell1816+2 Laps
201918Mexican Grand PrixRobert Kubica2018+2 Laps
201918Mexican Grand PrixGeorge Russell1916+2 Laps
201919United States Grand PrixRobert Kubica1919Oil leak
201919United States Grand PrixGeorge Russell1817+2 Laps
201920Brazilian Grand PrixRobert Kubica1916+1 Lap
201920Brazilian Grand PrixGeorge Russell1812Finished
201921Abu Dhabi Grand PrixRobert Kubica1919+2 Laps
201921Abu Dhabi Grand PrixGeorge Russell1817+1 Lap


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