The Williams FW11 was a Formula One car designed by Frank Dernie as a serious challenger to McLaren and their MP4/2C car. The car took over from where the FW10 left off at the end of 1985, when that car won the last three races of the season.

The FW11's most notable feature was the Honda 1.5 Litre V6 turbo engine, one of the most powerful in F1 at the time producing 800 bhp at 12,000rpm and well over 1,200 bhp at 12,000 rpm in qualifying.

Added to the engine's power were the aerodynamics, which were ahead of the MP4/2C and the Lotus 98T. That and its excellent driving pairing of Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell made it a force to be reckoned with. The car was an instantly recognisable product of the turbo era of F1.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19861Brazilian Grand PrixNigel Mansell325Spun off
19861Brazilian Grand PrixNelson Piquet21Finished
19862Spanish Grand PrixNigel Mansell32Finished
19862Spanish Grand PrixNelson Piquet213Engine
19863San Marino Grand PrixNigel Mansell322Engine
19863San Marino Grand PrixNelson Piquet22Finished
19864Monaco Grand PrixNigel Mansell24Finished
19864Monaco Grand PrixNelson Piquet117+1 Lap
19865Belgian Grand PrixNigel Mansell51Finished
19865Belgian Grand PrixNelson Piquet119Turbo
19866Canadian Grand PrixNigel Mansell11Finished
19866Canadian Grand PrixNelson Piquet33Finished
19867Detroit Grand PrixNigel Mansell25+1 Lap
19867Detroit Grand PrixNelson Piquet315Accident
19868French Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
19868French Grand PrixNelson Piquet33Finished
19869British Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
19869British Grand PrixNelson Piquet12Finished
198610German Grand PrixNigel Mansell63Finished
198610German Grand PrixNelson Piquet51Finished
198611Hungarian Grand PrixNigel Mansell43+1 Lap
198611Hungarian Grand PrixNelson Piquet21Finished
198612Austrian Grand PrixNigel Mansell612Halfshaft
198612Austrian Grand PrixNelson Piquet713Engine
198613Italian Grand PrixNigel Mansell32Finished
198613Italian Grand PrixNelson Piquet61Finished
198614Portuguese Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
198614Portuguese Grand PrixNelson Piquet63Finished
198615Mexican Grand PrixNigel Mansell35+1 Lap
198615Mexican Grand PrixNelson Piquet24+1 Lap
198616Australian Grand PrixNigel Mansell112Tyre
198616Australian Grand PrixNelson Piquet22Finished
19871Brazilian Grand PrixNigel Mansell16+1 Lap
19871Brazilian Grand PrixNelson Piquet22Finished
19872San Marino Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
19872San Marino Grand PrixNelson Piquet026Injury
19873Belgian Grand PrixNigel Mansell114Accident
19873Belgian Grand PrixNelson Piquet217Exhaust
19874Monaco Grand PrixNigel Mansell121Turbo
19874Monaco Grand PrixNelson Piquet32Finished
19875Detroit Grand PrixNigel Mansell15+1 Lap
19875Detroit Grand PrixNelson Piquet32Finished
19876French Grand PrixNigel Mansell11Finished
19876French Grand PrixNelson Piquet42Finished
19877British Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
19877British Grand PrixNelson Piquet12Finished
19878German Grand PrixNigel Mansell112Engine
19878German Grand PrixNelson Piquet41Finished
19879Hungarian Grand PrixNigel Mansell114Wheel
19879Hungarian Grand PrixNelson Piquet31Finished
198710Austrian Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
198710Austrian Grand PrixNelson Piquet12Finished
198711Italian Grand PrixNigel Mansell23Finished
198711Italian Grand PrixNelson Piquet11Finished
198712Portuguese Grand PrixNigel Mansell224Electrical
198712Portuguese Grand PrixNelson Piquet43Finished
198713Spanish Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
198713Spanish Grand PrixNelson Piquet14Finished
198714Mexican Grand PrixNigel Mansell11Finished
198714Mexican Grand PrixNelson Piquet32Finished
198715Japanese Grand PrixNigel Mansell027Accident
198715Japanese Grand PrixNelson Piquet515Engine
198716Australian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese79Oil leak
198716Australian Grand PrixNelson Piquet311Brakes