The Williams FW25 is a Formula One car designed by Williams and powered by a BMW V10 engine. The car was used by Williams for the 2003 championship. Three drivers would drive the FW25 in the 2003 season, with Marc Gené replacing regular racer Ralf Schumacher for the Italian Grand Prix after the German suffered a large testing accident testing at Monza's Lesmo 1 corner prior to that race. The other regular driver Juan Pablo Montoya started all of the season's Grand Prix.

As of 2022, it remains the last Williams car to score a 1–2 finish.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20031Australian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher98Finished
20031Australian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya32Finished
20032Malaysian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher174Finished
20032Malaysian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya812+3 Laps
20033Brazilian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher67Finished
20033Brazilian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya915Accident
20034San Marino Grand PrixRalf Schumacher24Finished
20034San Marino Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya47Finished
20035Spanish Grand PrixRalf Schumacher75+1 Lap
20035Spanish Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya94Finished
20036Austrian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher106+1 Lap
20036Austrian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya317Engine
20037Monaco Grand PrixRalf Schumacher14Finished
20037Monaco Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya31Finished
20038Canadian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher12Finished
20038Canadian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya23Finished
20039European Grand PrixRalf Schumacher31Finished
20039European Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya42Finished
200310French Grand PrixRalf Schumacher11Finished
200310French Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya22Finished
200311British Grand PrixRalf Schumacher49Finished
200311British Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya72Finished
200312German Grand PrixRalf Schumacher216Accident
200312German Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya11Finished
200313Hungarian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher24Finished
200313Hungarian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya43Finished
200314Italian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya22Finished
200314Italian Grand PrixMarc Gené55Finished
200315United States Grand PrixRalf Schumacher519Accident
200315United States Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya46+1 Lap
200316Japanese Grand PrixRalf Schumacher1912+1 Lap
200316Japanese Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya220Hydraulics