Canon Williams Honda Team – 141(1)
198670/72(2)5Nigel MansellFW11RA166-E
 69(3)6Nelson Piquet

Bad year for the team. One the way home from a testing session Frank Williams crashes his car and the accident leaves him paralysed.

Nelson Piquet joins the team replacing Keke Rosberg who moves to McLaren. Mansell and Piquet battle for top honours throughout the season. Going into the final race Mansell is in a strong position – until his wheel explodes on the main straight, handing the title to Alain Prost.

Williams however can take some consolation in winning the constructors championship by nearly 50 clear points.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19861Brazilian Grand PrixNigel Mansell325Spun off
19861Brazilian Grand PrixNelson Piquet21Finished
19862Spanish Grand PrixNigel Mansell32Finished
19862Spanish Grand PrixNelson Piquet213Engine
19863San Marino Grand PrixNigel Mansell322Engine
19863San Marino Grand PrixNelson Piquet22Finished
19864Monaco Grand PrixNigel Mansell24Finished
19864Monaco Grand PrixNelson Piquet117+1 Lap
19865Belgian Grand PrixNigel Mansell51Finished
19865Belgian Grand PrixNelson Piquet119Turbo
19866Canadian Grand PrixNigel Mansell11Finished
19866Canadian Grand PrixNelson Piquet33Finished
19867Detroit Grand PrixNigel Mansell25+1 Lap
19867Detroit Grand PrixNelson Piquet315Accident
19868French Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
19868French Grand PrixNelson Piquet33Finished
19869British Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
19869British Grand PrixNelson Piquet12Finished
198610German Grand PrixNigel Mansell63Finished
198610German Grand PrixNelson Piquet51Finished
198611Hungarian Grand PrixNigel Mansell43+1 Lap
198611Hungarian Grand PrixNelson Piquet21Finished
198612Austrian Grand PrixNigel Mansell612Halfshaft
198612Austrian Grand PrixNelson Piquet713Engine
198613Italian Grand PrixNigel Mansell32Finished
198613Italian Grand PrixNelson Piquet61Finished
198614Portuguese Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
198614Portuguese Grand PrixNelson Piquet63Finished
198615Mexican Grand PrixNigel Mansell35+1 Lap
198615Mexican Grand PrixNelson Piquet24+1 Lap
198616Australian Grand PrixNigel Mansell112Tyre
198616Australian Grand PrixNelson Piquet22Finished

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