The Williams FW08 was a Formula One car designed by Frank Dernie, which debuted at the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix held at the Zolder circuit. An evolution of the FW07 that it replaced, the car was used by Finnish driver Keke Rosberg to win the 1982 World Drivers' Championship.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19821South African Grand PrixKeke Rosberg75Finished
19821South African Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann82Finished
19822Brazilian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg312Disqualified
19822Brazilian Grand PrixCarlos Reutemann619Collision
19823United States Grand Prix WestKeke Rosberg82Finished
19823United States Grand Prix WestMario Andretti1420Collision
19825Belgian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg32Finished
19825Belgian Grand PrixDerek Daly1311Spun off
19826Monaco Grand PrixKeke Rosberg611Collision
19826Monaco Grand PrixDerek Daly86Gearbox
19827Detroit Grand PrixKeke Rosberg34Finished
19827Detroit Grand PrixDerek Daly125Finished
19828Canadian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg713Gearbox
19828Canadian Grand PrixDerek Daly137Out of fuel
19829Dutch Grand PrixKeke Rosberg73Finished
19829Dutch Grand PrixDerek Daly125+1 Lap
198210British Grand PrixKeke Rosberg114Fuel system
198210British Grand PrixDerek Daly105Finished
198211French Grand PrixKeke Rosberg105Finished
198211French Grand PrixDerek Daly117+1 Lap
198212German Grand PrixKeke Rosberg93+1 Lap
198212German Grand PrixDerek Daly1914Engine
198213Austrian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg62Finished
198213Austrian Grand PrixDerek Daly924Collision
198214Swiss Grand PrixKeke Rosberg81Finished
198214Swiss Grand PrixDerek Daly79+1 Lap
198215Italian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg78+2 Laps
198215Italian Grand PrixDerek Daly1324Collision
198216Caesars Palace Grand PrixKeke Rosberg65Finished
198216Caesars Palace Grand PrixDerek Daly146+1 Lap
19831Brazilian Grand PrixJacques Laffite183Finished
19831Brazilian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg115Disqualified
19832United States Grand Prix WestJacques Laffite44+1 Lap
19832United States Grand Prix WestKeke Rosberg323Collision
19833French Grand PrixJacques Laffite196+1 Lap
19833French Grand PrixKeke Rosberg165+1 Lap
19834San Marino Grand PrixJacques Laffite167+1 Lap
19834San Marino Grand PrixKeke Rosberg114+1 Lap
19835Monaco Grand PrixJacques Laffite89Gearbox
19835Monaco Grand PrixKeke Rosberg51Finished
19836Belgian Grand PrixJacques Laffite116Finished
19836Belgian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg95Finished
19837Detroit Grand PrixJacques Laffite205Finished
19837Detroit Grand PrixKeke Rosberg122Finished
19838Canadian Grand PrixJacques Laffite1317Gearbox
19838Canadian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg94Finished
19839British Grand PrixJacques Laffite2012+2 Laps
19839British Grand PrixKeke Rosberg1311+2 Laps
198310German Grand PrixJacques Laffite156+1 Lap
198310German Grand PrixKeke Rosberg1210+1 Lap
198311Austrian Grand PrixJacques Laffite2419Vibrations
198311Austrian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg158+2 Laps
198312Dutch Grand PrixJacques Laffite1720Handling
198312Dutch Grand PrixKeke Rosberg2315Ignition
198313Italian Grand PrixJacques Laffite028Did not qualify
198313Italian Grand PrixKeke Rosberg1611+1 Lap
198314European Grand PrixJonathan Palmer2513+2 Laps
198314European Grand PrixJacques Laffite029Did not qualify
198314European Grand PrixKeke Rosberg1620Engine
198315South African Grand PrixJacques Laffite1025Spun off
198315South African Grand PrixKeke Rosberg65+1 Lap