The Williams FW13 was a Formula One racing car used by the Williams team for the last four races of the 1989 Formula One season and, when updated as the FW13B, for the whole of the 1990 season.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
19911United States Grand PrixNigel Mansell420Gearbox
19911United States Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese314Gearbox
19912Brazilian Grand PrixNigel Mansell314Gearbox
19912Brazilian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese22Finished
19913San Marino Grand PrixNigel Mansell425Collision
19913San Marino Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese219Electrical
19914Monaco Grand PrixNigel Mansell52Finished
19914Monaco Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese317Spun off
19915Canadian Grand PrixNigel Mansell26Electrical
19915Canadian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese13Finished
19916Mexican Grand PrixNigel Mansell22Finished
19916Mexican Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese11Finished
19917French Grand PrixNigel Mansell41Finished
19917French Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese15+1 Lap
19918British Grand PrixNigel Mansell11Finished
19918British Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese326Collision
19919German Grand PrixNigel Mansell11Finished
19919German Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese42Finished
199110Hungarian Grand PrixNigel Mansell32Finished
199110Hungarian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese23Finished
199111Belgian Grand PrixNigel Mansell320Electrical
199111Belgian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese175Finished
199112Italian Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
199112Italian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese421Gearbox
199113Portuguese Grand PrixNigel Mansell419Disqualified
199113Portuguese Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese11Finished
199114Spanish Grand PrixNigel Mansell21Finished
199114Spanish Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese43Finished
199115Japanese Grand PrixNigel Mansell319Spun off
199115Japanese Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese53Finished
199116Australian Grand PrixNigel Mansell32Finished
199116Australian Grand PrixRiccardo Patrese45Finished