The Williams FW23 was the car with which the Williams team competed in the 2001 Formula One World Championship. It was driven by German Ralf Schumacher, who was in his third year with the team, and Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya, a previous Formula 3000 and CART champion who was making his F1 début.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20011Australian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher518Collision
20011Australian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya1115Engine
20012Malaysian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher35Finished
20012Malaysian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya619Spun off
20013Brazilian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher213Spun off
20013Brazilian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya416Collision
20014San Marino Grand PrixRalf Schumacher31Finished
20014San Marino Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya714Clutch
20015Spanish Grand PrixRalf Schumacher519Brakes
20015Spanish Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya122Finished
20016Austrian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher319Brakes
20016Austrian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya214Hydraulics
20017Monaco Grand PrixRalf Schumacher511Electrical
20017Monaco Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya721Spun off
20018Canadian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher21Finished
20018Canadian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya1016Accident
20019European Grand PrixRalf Schumacher24Finished
20019European Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya32Finished
200110French Grand PrixRalf Schumacher12Finished
200110French Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya619Engine
200111British Grand PrixRalf Schumacher1017Engine
200111British Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya84Finished
200112German Grand PrixRalf Schumacher21Finished
200112German Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya114Engine
200113Hungarian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher44Finished
200113Hungarian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya88+1 Lap
200114Belgian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher27Finished
200114Belgian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya116Engine
200115Italian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher43Finished
200115Italian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya11Finished
200116United States Grand PrixRalf Schumacher220Spun off
200116United States Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya318Hydraulics
200117Japanese Grand PrixRalf Schumacher36Finished
200117Japanese Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya22Finished