The History of Williams – 2017

Williams Martini Racing – 83(5)
Year Points(Position) Car Driver Chassis Engine
2017 43(11) 19 Felipe Massa FW40 Mercedes M08 EQ Power+
43(12) 18 Lance Stroll
0(25) 40 Paul di Resta

After Valtteri Bottas was released at the end of 2016 to replace Nico Rosberg at Mercedes Felipe Massa unretired to partner the incoming Lance Stroll. Also gone at the end of 2016 was Technical Director Pat Symonds to be replaced by Paddy Lowe fresh in from Mercedes.

With only 30 minutes notice Williams reserve driver, Paul di Resta, had to step in for an ill Felipe Massa in Hungary.

While this was another year of finishing 5th and once more behind Force India the highlight of the year has to be the 40th anniversary celebrations. These included a feature at January’s Autosport International, a major event at Silverstone in June and the release of the Williams film towards the end of the year.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20171Australian Grand PrixFelipe Massa76Finished
20171Australian Grand PrixLance Stroll2016Brakes
20172Chinese Grand PrixFelipe Massa614+1 Lap
20172Chinese Grand PrixLance Stroll1020Collision
20173Bahrain Grand PrixFelipe Massa86Finished
20173Bahrain Grand PrixLance Stroll1217Collision
20174Russian Grand PrixFelipe Massa69+1 Lap
20174Russian Grand PrixLance Stroll1111+1 Lap
20175Spanish Grand PrixFelipe Massa913+2 Laps
20175Spanish Grand PrixLance Stroll1816+2 Laps
20176Monaco Grand PrixFelipe Massa149Finished
20176Monaco Grand PrixLance Stroll1715Brakes
20177Canadian Grand PrixFelipe Massa719Collision
20177Canadian Grand PrixLance Stroll179+1 Lap
20178Azerbaijan Grand PrixFelipe Massa916Suspension
20178Azerbaijan Grand PrixLance Stroll83Finished
20179Austrian Grand PrixFelipe Massa179+1 Lap
20179Austrian Grand PrixLance Stroll1810+1 Lap
201710British Grand PrixFelipe Massa1410+1 Lap
201710British Grand PrixLance Stroll1516+1 Lap
201711Hungarian Grand PrixPaul di Resta1918Oil leak
201711Hungarian Grand PrixLance Stroll1714+1 Lap
201712Belgian Grand PrixFelipe Massa168Finished
201712Belgian Grand PrixLance Stroll1511Finished
201713Italian Grand PrixFelipe Massa78Finished
201713Italian Grand PrixLance Stroll27Finished
201714Singapore Grand PrixFelipe Massa1711Finished
201714Singapore Grand PrixLance Stroll188Finished
201715Malaysian Grand PrixFelipe Massa119+1 Lap
201715Malaysian Grand PrixLance Stroll138+1 Lap
201716Japanese Grand PrixFelipe Massa810+1 Lap
201716Japanese Grand PrixLance Stroll1516Wheel
201717United States Grand PrixFelipe Massa109+1 Lap
201717United States Grand PrixLance Stroll1511+1 Lap
201718Mexican Grand PrixFelipe Massa1011+1 Lap
201718Mexican Grand PrixLance Stroll116+1 Lap
201719Brazilian Grand PrixFelipe Massa97Finished
201719Brazilian Grand PrixLance Stroll1616+2 Laps
201720Abu Dhabi Grand PrixFelipe Massa1010+1 Lap
201720Abu Dhabi Grand PrixLance Stroll1518+1 Lap


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