Jean-Christophe Boullion

Jean-Christophe Boullion

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In 1999 Jean-Christophe Boullion finally got the drive that he missed out on in 1997 when he was beaten to the seat by Jason Plato.
Boullion is no stranger to Williams as he was the test driver for the Formula One team for two years. He also spent some time with the Sauber team in 1995 but never really shone.

The period following his time with the Swiss team has been a lean one and so the move to Williams Touring Car was an opportunity to rebuild his career. Unfortunately the team folded before he had a chance to show just what he could do.


Curriculum Vitae


  1. French Formula Ford Championship (1st)
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. F3000 Championship (1st)
  6. F1 with Sauber Grand Prix & Williams F1 Test Driver
  7. Williams F1 Test Driver
  8. Le Mans with Panoz & Williams F1 Test Driver
  9. Le Mans with Ferrari & BAR F1 Test Driver
  10. BTCC WTCE Renault laguna