The Williams FW44 is a Formula One racing car designed and constructed by Williams that competed in the 2022 Formula One World Championship. The car was driven by Nicholas Latifi and Alexander Albon, who were in their third and first years with the team respectively. Nyck de Vries participated in the Italian Grand Prix in the FW44, replacing Albon due to the Thai driver suffering appendicitis. The chassis is Williams' first car under the 2022 technical regulations, and their first to be developed wholly under new owners, Dorilton Capital, with Jost Capito at the helm.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20221Bahrain Grand PrixAlexander Albon1413Finished
20221Bahrain Grand PrixNicholas Latifi2016Finished
20222Saudi Arabian Grand PrixAlexander Albon1614Collision damage
20222Saudi Arabian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1818Accident
20223Australian Grand PrixAlexander Albon2010Finished
20223Australian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1816+1 Lap
20224Emilia Romagna Grand PrixAlexander Albon1811+1 Lap
20224Emilia Romagna Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1916+1 Lap
20225Miami Grand PrixAlexander Albon189Finished
20225Miami Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1914Finished
20226Spanish Grand PrixAlexander Albon1818+2 Laps
20226Spanish Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1916+2 Laps
20227Monaco Grand PrixAlexander Albon1618Mechanical
20227Monaco Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1915+1 Lap
20228Azerbaijan Grand PrixAlexander Albon1712+1 Lap
20228Azerbaijan Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1815+1 Lap
20229Canadian Grand PrixAlexander Albon1213Finished
20229Canadian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1816Finished
202210British Grand PrixAlexander Albon1620Collision
202210British Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1012Finished
202211Austrian Grand PrixAlexander Albon1512+1 Lap
202211Austrian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1719Undertray
202212French Grand PrixAlexander Albon1313Finished
202212French Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1817Collision damage
202213Hungarian Grand PrixAlexander Albon1717+1 Lap
202213Hungarian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1918+1 Lap
202214Belgian Grand PrixAlexander Albon610Finished
202214Belgian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1118+1 Lap
202215Dutch Grand PrixAlexander Albon1512Finished
202215Dutch Grand PrixNicholas Latifi2018+1 Lap
202216Italian Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1015+1 Lap
202216Italian Grand PrixNyck de Vries89Finished
202217Singapore Grand PrixAlexander Albon1817Collision damage
202217Singapore Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1919Collision damage
202218Japanese Grand PrixAlexander Albon1620Hydraulics
202218Japanese Grand PrixNicholas Latifi209Finished
202219United States Grand PrixAlexander Albon813Finished
202219United States Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1717Finished
202220Mexico City Grand PrixAlexander Albon1712+1 Lap
202220Mexico City Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1818+2 Laps
202221São Paulo Grand PrixAlexander Albon1915Finished
202221São Paulo Grand PrixNicholas Latifi1816Finished
202222Abu Dhabi Grand PrixAlexander Albon1913+1 Lap
202222Abu Dhabi Grand PrixNicholas Latifi2019Collision damage