The Williams FW31 was a Formula One motor racing car, designed and built by Williams F1. The AT&T Williams team used the FW31 to compete in the 2009 Formula One season. The car was unveiled on 19 January 2009 at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve circuit in southern Portugal, and was first driven by the team's test driver Nico Hülkenberg. It was a mid-field runner, in contention for points on many occasions when driven by Rosberg, but rarely contending for podiums. Rosberg could have finished in third position at Marina Bay during the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix if he had not run wide on the exit of the pit lane and received a penalty.

Rosberg was criticised for failing to achieve a pole position while topping the times in practices on numerous occasions, notably at the 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix - the Williams cars had excelled during practice sessions in wet conditions, but did not produce the same level of performance in qualifying. While Rosberg often scored points, and elevated the car to a finishing position that it was considered incapable of, Nakajima failed to score a point all season and possibly cost the team a higher position in the championship standings than the seventh place they eventually achieved.

The Williams FW31 was the first British F1 car to use Esso-branded fuel since 1973, as well as the first Williams F1 car to use Mobil 1 lubricants since 1988 season, as they had been using ExxonMobil brands since 1999.

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YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20091Australian Grand PrixNico Rosberg56Finished
20091Australian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1118Accident
20092Malaysian Grand PrixNico Rosberg48Finished
20092Malaysian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1112+1 Lap
20093Chinese Grand PrixNico Rosberg715+1 Lap
20093Chinese Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1418Retired
20094Bahrain Grand PrixNico Rosberg99Finished
20094Bahrain Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1220Oil pressure
20095Spanish Grand PrixNico Rosberg98Finished
20095Spanish Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1113+1 Lap
20096Monaco Grand PrixNico Rosberg66Finished
20096Monaco Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1015Accident
20097Turkish Grand PrixNico Rosberg95Finished
20097Turkish Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1212Finished
20098British Grand PrixNico Rosberg75Finished
20098British Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima511Finished
20099German Grand PrixNico Rosberg154Finished
20099German Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1312Finished
200910Hungarian Grand PrixNico Rosberg54Finished
200910Hungarian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima99Finished
200911European Grand PrixNico Rosberg75Finished
200911European Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1718+3 Laps
200912Belgian Grand PrixNico Rosberg108Finished
200912Belgian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1813Finished
200913Italian Grand PrixNico Rosberg1816+2 Laps
200913Italian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1710Finished
200914Singapore Grand PrixNico Rosberg311Finished
200914Singapore Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima109Finished
200915Japanese Grand PrixNico Rosberg75Finished
200915Japanese Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1515Finished
200916Brazilian Grand PrixNico Rosberg716Gearbox
200916Brazilian Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima915Accident
200917Abu Dhabi Grand PrixNico Rosberg99Finished
200917Abu Dhabi Grand PrixKazuki Nakajima1313Finished