BMW WilliamsF1 Team – 88(4)
200458(5)3Juan Pablo MontoyaFW26BMW P84
 24(9)4Ralf Schumacher
 15(6)4Antônio Pizzonia
 23(0)4Marc Gené

Once again Williams retained the pairing of Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya for a further year.

The FW26 was dubbed the walrus due to the twin tusk arrangement of the front wing, a configuration that wasn’t replicated by any other team and hasn’t be used since…

Williams were disqualified from the Canadian Grand Prix due to irregularities over the brake ducts, although this transpired to be due to a manufacturing problem and the team gained no performance boost.

Montoya scored his last race win for Williams at the Brazilian Grand Prix which turned out to be the last for Williams for the next eight years.

For a second year in succession Ralf Schumacher had to miss races. Following an accident at the US Grand Prix he was forced to miss the following six races. He was replaced by Marc Gené and Antônio Pizzonia.

Montoya was also disqualified from the US Grand Prix for changing car too late. His race car had failed to start on the formation lap so he jumped into the spare and started from the pit lane.


YearRoundCountryDriverGrid PosFinish PosResult
20041Australian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher84Finished
20041Australian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya35Finished
20042Malaysian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher719Engine
20042Malaysian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya42Finished
20043Bahrain Grand PrixRalf Schumacher47Finished
20043Bahrain Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya313+1 Lap
20044San Marino Grand PrixRalf Schumacher57Finished
20044San Marino Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya33Finished
20045Spanish Grand PrixRalf Schumacher66Finished
20045Spanish Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya215Brakes
20046Monaco Grand PrixRalf Schumacher1210Gearbox
20046Monaco Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya94+1 Lap
20047European Grand PrixRalf Schumacher919Collision
20047European Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya88+1 Lap
20048Canadian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher117Disqualified
20048Canadian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya418Disqualified
20049United States Grand PrixRalf Schumacher615Tyre
20049United States Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya511Disqualified
200410French Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya68Finished
200410French Grand PrixMarc Gené810Finished
200411British Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya75Finished
200411British Grand PrixMarc Gené1112Finished
200412German Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya25Finished
200412German Grand PrixAntônio Pizzonia107Finished
200413Hungarian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya74Finished
200413Hungarian Grand PrixAntônio Pizzonia67+1 Lap
200414Belgian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya1112Tyre
200414Belgian Grand PrixAntônio Pizzonia1413Gearbox
200415Italian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya25Finished
200415Italian Grand PrixAntônio Pizzonia87Finished
200416Chinese Grand PrixRalf Schumacher518Collision
200416Chinese Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya105Finished
200417Japanese Grand PrixRalf Schumacher22Finished
200417Japanese Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya137Finished
200418Brazilian Grand PrixRalf Schumacher75Finished
200418Brazilian Grand PrixJuan Pablo Montoya21Finished


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