Williams Week – 4th March 2019 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“It’s not the end of the world. We score the points in the racing not in the testing, so we have to keep our heads held high, and make the most of the situation.”

Drivers must motivate troubled Williams Formula 1 team

“The innovative use of lightweight materials, rapid product development and the maximisation of available space is very much at the heart of the work we do commercialising Formula 1-derived technology”

Williams has hooked up with JPA Design to leverage technology from racing-car design to create a more comfortable cabin environment using lighter-weight materials.

“I’ve only done about 11 proper laps in the car but it gives us a good understanding of where we are at, the limitations and what we need to work on.”

‘Williams have no idea about the FW42’s potential’

“Without analysing all the factors and particular causes of being late, just on a macro level, the fact there are more parts that are more complex has given more load to the system and consequently the system couldn’t carry the load. You’ve got to make a lot of bits and we didn’t make them all in time.”

How Williams ended up so far behind

“There’s a great job to be done and a great job of work and we certainly don’t underestimate the challenge there.”

Defiant Lowe can’t turn around Williams ‘single handedly’

“Unfortunately the car was not representative to what it should be, and this had a big impact on our test, our running programme of today. All the information was misleading and in some way also was difficult to get any information for Australia.”

Kubica frustrated by “lost day”

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