Williams Week – 11th March 2019 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“I don’t see Robert as injured, I never have. I don’t know whether that’s because I’m used to seeing Frank [Williams, her father, the team’s founder who has been wheelchair bound since a car accident in 1986], not that there is a comparison, but I don’t see it. I take people for what they deliver, against what you’re asking them to deliver.” – Claire Williams

Robert Kubica 2.0 – Why injury won’t hold him back in 2019

“He [Kubica] feels that we’ve made a huge step forwards in terms of the platform.”

Paddy Lowe insists 2019 Williams F1 car is much better platform

Despite a less-than-flawless pre-season testing period, there’s still a positive buzz around ‘next-gen’Williams this year, and while the car hasn’t looked particularly rapid, during the second week it managed to rack-up very respectable mileage. 

Williams in 2019: Best Case, Worst Case

“Paddy is taking a leave of absence from the business for personal reasons.” – Williams

Paddy Lowe takes ‘leave of absence’ from Williams F1 team

Yet, inexplicably – and powered, it must be said, in part by Adam Parr and Toto Wolff – Jonny was sidelined by the Williams board when succession was mooted. Instead, it was Jonny’s younger sister who was empowered to sign the cheques. 

Racers Edge – Williams Now by Peter Windsor

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