Williams Week – 28th August 2023 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

Albon and his management have a tough call to make. If they stay at Williams, they will know it could be five or six years at the earliest before the team are competitive. By then, Albon will be 32 or 33. That’s still a decade younger than Alonso – but those years could well end up being his best.

The most wanted man in F1? After bouncing back from Red Bull heartbreak, Albon looks set to be a key player in the 2025 driver market

“Setting a target of saying we’re going to be third in five years is honestly not the right direction of travel because it’s a remarkably meaningless thing.” – James Vowles

Five-year plans “remarkably meaningless” in F1

Sargeant’s position wouldn’t seem to be so precarious that, for instance, he’s only got the final two races after the summer break – the last two ‘known’ European tracks before more tricky flyaways – to save himself.

F1 spotlight already on its next at-risk driver after De Vries

“My focus is on making sure Williams is that team. But beyond that, if for whatever reason it does become difficult, you do naturally have to look elsewhere.” – Alex Albon

Albon 1-to-1: What’s next for the face of Williams’s F1 revival?

“I think to a certain extent we end up recycling far too much within the sport.” – James Vowles

F1 teams guilty of “recycling” too many motorsport personnel

“Williams is making a huge amount of progress at the moment and I think James Vowles is having a really positive impact there. I think he’s definitely the best man for the job for what Williams need at the moment for their resurgence.” – George Russell

Russell praises “huge progress” at former team Williams F1

“We are not top of the speed traps. We haven’t been at all this weekend. We’ve actually been very, very midfield. And I think the Alpines and the Ferraris have been running quite a lot less downforce than we have.” – Alex Albon

Williams F1 straight-line reputation “not true” in Zandvoort

“My plan A is investing in Logan and making sure we get the absolute most out of him. We keep forgetting that these guys and girls are in their young 20s. That’s it. They’re composed, educated individuals who know they are going to have to deliver.” – James Vowles

Logan Sargeant’s F1 fate clear as Williams explain Mick Schumacher and Alex Palou stance

“Pre-Thursday flying out here I was not expecting this, I don’t think any of us were. And the pace has just been dynamite. Since FP1, it has been very strong.” – Alex Albon

Albon praises ‘dynamite’ Williams pace after ‘very special’ fourth place qualifying in Zandvoort

“When you’ve got this headwind, it makes everything feel better, it gives you that front load on the car and hopefully that wind’s not changing tomorrow [for the race], I hope.” – Alex Albon

Headwind masked Williams problems in F1 Dutch GP qualifying

“We don’t have anything more coming for the remainder of the year. So we have to try and pick up the points that are going to be available to us when they’re going to be available to us.” – James Vowles

Williams fully focused on 2024 F1 car

“I’ve formed a group of individuals, which includes some strong people from aerodynamics: Dave Warner, who’s acting as our interim technical director, myself as well, Dave Robson [head of vehicle performance].” – James Vowles

How Williams is designing an F1 car with no tech chiefs
Result from the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix

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