Williams Week – 27th July 2015

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

Williams’ race driver Jacques Laffite showed up in his pajamas as a form of protest to this change in schedule.

When Senna Crashed Because the Wall Moved

“I’d come to work for Williams at the beginning of their first generation of active suspension at the end of 1987 and racing it in 1988. We were really unprepared on every level to race something which for that era was so complex though.” – Paddy Lowe

My Favourite Race – Paddy Lowe

(the) three floor motorhome, first used at the 2014 British Grand Prix, and only in use for the European races. That’s no surprise considering the team need 14 trucks to transport it as well as two days to put up in the paddock.

Behind the scenes with Williams as Sportsmail joins F1 team inside motorhome and garage for grand prix weekend

“now let’s look at how we are going to win the world championship.” – Claire Williams

Claire Williams targets wins and world title as F1 team sense sunnier future

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