Williams Week – 15th August 2022 – The Week in Review

“We know as a team where we are struggling, what type of corners we lose out in compared to other people. We know the reason why, it’s not something we are scratching our heads about.” – Jost Capito

Williams chief makes bold Red Bull and Ferrari claim – “We can now compete”

One of them was an easy pick, though he had a tougher time selecting the team-mate, envisaging some “fireworks” if he had one pairing in particular.

Which two F1 drivers would Alex Albon hire if he was a team boss?

“To get into Formula 1 you have to go through the feeder series – Formula 3 and Formula 2 – and it is extremely physical. Formula 1 is extremely physical and we don’t know exactly what women are capable of in the sport.” – Jamie Chadwick

Female champ says F1 may be too physical for women

The qualifying scoreline – 11-1 in Albon’s favour – is the most one-sided in the field at the moment. Albon has consistently led his team mate home on race days too.

Despite a change of team mate, Latifi continues to lag at Williams

“People forget I was the one who managed to get a World Championship point that year, and that was no easy task with that car. I’m still proud of that point scored at the German Grand Prix, it was an important moment in my racing career.” – Robert Kubica

Robert Kubica feels the world of F1 did not appreciate his comeback enough

“He was never in the right place at the right time, otherwise he would have won titles like his brother. What ultimately cost him his speed were two extremely serious accidents.” – Franz Tost

Michael Schumacher’s brother would have been F1 legend but for ‘two serious accidents’

“You would always like to do better of course, but in my opinion it is satisfactory and, at least, what we have brought has worked.” – Dave Robson

Williams F1 torn between satisfaction and disappointment after start to season

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