Williams Week – 22nd August 2022 – The Week in Review

“Of course, we are impressed. You know, it’s his first season in F2. We didn’t put any pressure on him. He has the time to develop and he’s really impressed us with how fast he has got to grips with the car.” – Jost Capito

Williams boss Capito ‘absolutely convinced’ rising F2 star Logan Sargeant will make it to F1

“When you’re behind, you can’t just take risks, you can’t just gamble, that rarely pays off” – Dave Robson

Williams wary as the ‘house normally wins when you go gambling’

Williams Formula One driver Alex Albon has been added to the WME Sports agency’s stable of motorsport talent, which includes Sergio Pérez and Lewis Hamilton.

WME Sports adds Williams F1’s Alex Albon to roster

“The final chance was denied” – Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff claims that Williams “never dared” give Susie Wolff an F1 chance ahead of Felipe Massa

“It’s a heritage asset, it’s worth a lot of money. We take extra care to make sure that everything’s right.”

Mansell’s FW14B: how Williams maintains one of the most advanced F1 cars ever

“We are still better when you see the gaps are much closer than they were in recent years.” – Jost Capito

Jost Capito denies Williams are back to pre-Dorilton Capital days

“The spirit at Williams was immense, everybody there worked so hard, they were so passionate, but throughout my time it was going through a difficult period” – George Russell

Russell shares the cultural differences between Mercedes and Williams

“When we used to make a mistake years ago, we paid a penalty. We hit something – the Armco, the concrete wall.” – Nigel Mansell

‘Astonishing’ F1 safety makes drivers ‘feel superhuman’

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