Williams Welcomes Blackbird.Ai As Dorilton Ventures Partner

Williams Racing is pleased to welcome Blackbird, an AI-driven Disinformation Intelligence Platform, as part of a new investment by Dorilton Ventures.

Formula One has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence. Blackbird was founded by a team of artificial intelligence, behavioural psychology and national security experts. Backed by Dorilton Ventures, the early-to-mid stage investment arm of Williams Racing owner Dorilton, Blackbird has been recognized by Forrester as a “Top Threat Intelligence Company” and their platform helps Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations detect and respond to fast moving information driven attacks that cause significant reputational and financial harm. Their ability to process complex signals at very high speed enables organizations to proactively manage a new class of threats that were previously undetectable.

In partnership with Dorilton Ventures, the Blackbird logo will be proudly displayed on the nose and halo of the FW43B at the Formula 1™ VTB Russian Grand Prix 2021.

James Bower, Commercial Director for Williams Racing, said: “We are delighted to welcome Blackbird to Williams as a partner of Dorilton Ventures. Blackbird’s platform supports companies in identifying and mitigating threats that could impact brand reputation, allowing them to always be one step ahead. As a Formula One team with a rich history and a strategy to grow our digital and social channels, we recognise and value the importance of protecting the spread of misinformation online.”

Wasim Khaled, CEO of Blackbird said: “Business leaders have faced a world of increasingly decentralized media, filled with threat actors leveraging both human and AI-enhanced tactics to disinform, misinform and create chaos and confusion. Until now, there has not been a next-generation platform to meet the challenges of understanding these narratives and actors that drive stakeholder perception.”

Daniel Freeman, General Partner, Dorilton Ventures added: “We are delighted to bring together two great Dorilton companies, both of which operate at tremendous speed in their respective missions. Blackbird is leading the race to tackle the pervasive threat of disinformation and digital manipulation, offering organizations the strongest protection available for their media intelligence and reputations.”

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