Williams Week – 31st October 2022 – The Week in Review

“Williams have given me an absolutely unbelievable opportunity to race in F2 this year, and the support they’ve given me gives confidence to a young driver. And now I just need to finish the deal in Abu Dhabi.” – Logan Sargeant

Sargeant ready to repay Williams faith: ‘I need to finish the deal’

”Latest news: Porsche is talking to Williams. 50 per cent owner and supplier of engines from 2026. Almost done that deal” – Jack Plooij

‘Deal between Porsche and Williams almost complete: ‘Will become 50 per cent owner”

“If I had the pleasure of having that opportunity, I would personally pick [No.] three. That is my favorite. Obviously, Daniel Ricciardo has it at the moment. But yeah, that’s my favorite number.” – Logan Sargeant

An American driver is set to join F1, but he won’t get his favorite number — even though nobody will be using it

The car features the original Williams liveries and sponsorships from the 1997 season, meaning you will be able to see the iconic car that dominated the race track, in all of its glory. This show car doesn’t include a gearbox or engine, making it an incredible display piece.

Official Williams FW19 1997 Jacques Villeneuve Championship Winning Show Car

“If you have a young driver who is ready for Formula 1, and you have the seat, then you have to put the young driver into the seat – otherwise, you’ve done something wrong.” – Jost Capito

Snubbing our F1-ready junior would’ve been ‘wrong’

“I was hoping for like a Spa 2.0. It was looking that way. I think if the race finished five… even three laps earlier we would’ve been able to do it” – Alex Albon

Albon says Williams should be ‘proud’ of performance in Austin despite missing out on points

“Then the cost cap makes it very difficult for a team that didn’t have the resources before to catch up, because we can’t outspend the teams who outspent us the years before, even if we would be in the position to have the money” – Jost Capito

Williams slate false equality of F1 budget cap

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