Williams Week – 30th May 2022 – The Week in Review

The Williams driver may have been thinking his afternoon could not get much worse only to then be hit with a five-second penalty post-race for leaving the track without a justifiable reason multiple times.

Penalty caps miserable Spanish GP for Albon

Nicholas Latifi is likely to be replaced in 2023 – even if reports before the Spanish Grand Prix that this will happen during this year, with de Vries taking his seat, are wide of the mark.

De Vries to F1 isn’t as likely – or logical – as it might look

“I wanted to show my fortitude and show people, I guess, redemption really.” – Alex Albon

Albon proves a point by scoring them with Williams

“This track is the reference track and you just put on all the downforce that you have. And we’re still one of the quickest by far on the straights, so that shows we need a bit more downforce.” – Nicholas Latifi

F1 2022’s slowest team risks falling even further behind

“We didn’t have upgrades in Barcelona, unlike most of the other people. They will be coming. And then once they come obviously, we will hopefully be fighting a bit more up at the midfield.” – Alex Albon

Alex Albon hopes to ‘be fighting a bit more up the midfield’ once Williams brings upgrades

“Unfortunately, the business of leasing engines is not compelling and interesting because the FIA has put in a certain limit that you can charge to your customers, in order to protect the smaller teams,” – Toto Wolff

McLaren, Aston Martin and Williams under threat of Mercedes power unit axe

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