Williams Week – 30th December 2019 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“The time is now right to sell a majority stake to enable WAE to further scale and develop its technologies. EMK Capital have a proven track record of success which will enable WAE to take advantage of these emerging opportunities and realise its full potential.” – Mike O’Driscoll

Williams F1 team to sell majority stake in sister company WAE

“We know that George has talent, and it hasn’t been in any way a detriment to us putting George in as a rookie this year. In fact, it’s been probably one of the best decisions that we’ve made over a handful of years” – Claire Williams

Signing George Russell one of the best decisions in years

“I was kind of split, honestly, and I think by coming back to Formula 1 I closed a chapter, which was probably the most important one from my life.” – Robert Kubica

Closing F1 chapter worthwhile despite 2019 struggles

Williams F1 recorded an estimated loss of $25m for the year, partially off-set by WAE income. But it is well-placed for F1’s new era, when budget caps restrict team’s ‘performance’ spending to $175m. The imperative is to survive 2020.

The cost of F1 2019: Team budgets analysed

“For me one of the greatest things of this year is just, I think, Williams has certainly shown and reinforced the fact that we’re fighters, that we don’t give up when times get tough, we just fight harder. And I truly believe that when you fight harder, with perseverance comes success.” – Claire Williams

“Huge amount of work” at Williams to prevent repeat of dire 2019

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