Williams Week – 25th November 2019 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

The third mosaic has the theme of Grove, with nine things pictured about the village including an aeroplane, a Williams F1 racing car and a Grove Rugby Club player.

Millbrook Primary School, Grove, celebrates 50 years

Telecommunications company ROKiT took a first step into motorsport by linking up with Williams in F1 for 2019, but will now expand into Formula E with Venturi.

ROKiT becomes title sponsor of Venturi Formula E team

“We’ve definitely spent time, and used the opportunity with George particularly to make sure he learns the tracks – not just the left and right! – but that he understands the subtleties of how you have to set an F1 car up for a particular circuit, [for both] qualifying and the race” – Dave Robson.

Williams using ’19 to help ‘phenomenal’ George Russell on set-up lessons

“The key bit is we go into next year not just [thinking] ‘yes we want to make next year’s car quick’, but the key bit is understanding why it’s quick, and then all the learning we do next year is still applicable, even though the regulations change [in 2021], the physics and the interaction of how the whole car works is still the same.” – Dave Robson

Williams insists 2020 F1 chances not a write-off despite 2021 opportunity

“He’s an incredibly funny guy. He’s incredibly knowledgeable on the technical side. And I learned a lot [from] how he deals with the engineers and the feedback he gives. It showed me there was more I need to improve to be more of a complete driver.” – George Russell

Russell will miss “funny, knowledgeable” Kubica

“With my limitations, a lot of people did not even think I would be able to race. I heard many stories that in Turn 1, I would not be able to react to situations – and probably the opening lap is one of the things which I managed well this season.” – Robert Kubica

Kubica proud to have defied critics who questioned his limitations

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