Williams Week – 18th April 2022 – The Week in Review

Team boss Jost Capito revealed the team’s strategy was pinned on a red flag occurring in the final laps that would have allowed Albon to hold seventh place and switch tyres, rather than drop outside of the top 10 which was initially predicted.

What Williams was thinking with its quirky Melbourne strategy

“P10 seems unimaginable to us and when you come into your race strategy meeting [the expectation is] P19 and P20 and we had a big chunk to P18 – but it worked” – Alex Albon

Albon says P10 finish was ‘unimaginable’ before pulling off inspired strategy in Australia

For a car that couldn’t make it to Q2 and hadn’t had much in the way of race pace in the opening couple of rounds, to pump in the lap times he required was exceptional.

How Albon pulled off a blinding strategy call to take Williams’ first point of the season

“To get a point early in the season is quite encouraging. We had a very difficult start.” – Jost Capito

First Williams F1 point of season a relief after tough start

“It is wrapped up in the budget, a portion of the budget is set aside for that. It makes it difficult, especially at the start of the season because there isn’t other versions of things to fall back to, that is a problem.” – Dave Robson

Williams dismiss Latifi crash cost concern

“It’s quite tricky at the moment It caught me out a few times with the unpredictability we’re having, so it’s still learning a lot every session we do.” – Nicholas Latifi

Latifi bemoans Williams “unpredictability”

“When I’m worthy of an F1 seat, Williams is in the last three years, my family. Everything I’m thinking in terms of an F1 seat at the moment is Williams.” – Roy Nissany

Roy Nissany wants Williams F1 seat but replacing Nicholas Latifi unlikely

“Of course, you always aim to make the car even lighter and the colour design does its part to reduce the weight of the vehicle.” – Dave Robson

Williams copied Aston Martin’s paint trick in Melbourne

you have to be open-minded that there could be a better overall concept, but for the moment, I think our concept fits. We also have room to improve it further.” – Dave Robson

Williams open-minded but trust their concept

“In terms of the ride height and the set-up, the porpoising, we are getting pretty close to operating in the right kind of window now.” – Dave Robson

Williams “pretty close” to solving porpoising

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