Williams Week – 15th March 2021 – The Week in Review

The Williams Week 2021

The Williams Week 2021

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“Normally you’re on the ragged edge of not having all the parts or being strung out for some issues but it’s gone really well – a testament to all the hard work and effort that everyone’s put into it.” – Simon Roberts

Williams FW43B build the easiest ever

The new Williams FW43B is clearly an evolution of last year’s Formula 1 car, with most of the design shown in the renders being carried over from its predecessor, but there are some details worthy of our attention.

The details that make Williams’ new car worth a second look

“It will mix up the race weekends, it will offer up opportunities to us, and we’re at the back of the field, so that’s great for us.” – George Russell

Russell delivers “bring it on” call for F1 sprint races

“I’m absolutely convinced we can do at minimum exactly the same as McLaren has done.” – Jost Capito

Capito convinced Williams can match McLaren’s F1 revival

“Over the coming months, you will see how we will develop and invest in the Williams brand for the long term.” – Jost Capito

Williams won’t sacrifice brand for “last drop of sponsor money” in F1

“Once we get racing and he gets a little bit of time off, he’ll come and help. One of his ex-race engineers is with us, so there is a really good relationship.” – Simon Roberts

Button can be “sparring partner” to move F1 team forward

“Ultimately… the goal is to beat your team mate, but at least to get to that level on Saturday and then get the most of the car, that’s been a big area of focus for me” – Nicholas Latifi

Latifi targets qualifying gains in 2021 as he looks to get closer to George ‘Mr Saturday’ Russell

“The conversations you have with him are fantastic. It’s not like with a young kid.” – Jost Capito

Demanding Russell ‘not easy to work with’

“When this [role] came up, I said to myself it’s more than a boy’s dream to run Williams. I am very competitive. Wherever I have been, I want to win.” – Jost Capito

‘Huge opportunity’ at Williams stopped me retiring, reveals team’s new CEO Jost Capito

“We’ve actually got an upgrade plan through the year, but it’s going to be pretty modest, and I expect like other teams, we’ll be looking very careful at how we put our resource on that.” – Simon Roberts

Williams has “almost a first-race upgrade” for F1 pre-season testing

“I think ordinarily it is frustrating but obviously with the tough conditions of yesterday I don’t think I’ve missed much. If anything, it’s probably a gain to have not driven yesterday and I go in with a fresh mindset” – George Russell

‘Probably a gain’ to have missed Friday testing says Russell as he awaits turn in Williams

And finally, goodbye to a legend…

Walker commentated on his first grand prix for the BBC at Silverstone in 1949 and became a full-time F1 commentator in 1978.

Formula 1 broadcasting legend dies at 97

Surely it was impossible to catch, let alone pass the flying Brazilian? But no one told Nigel that. Driving out of his skin he started the last lap 1.5 seconds behind the Lotus and as they exited the last corner together he was closing fast.

Murray Walker on the 1986 Spanish F1 GP

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