Williams Week – 15th June 2020 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“I hope they survive. Someone will probably put money in it and eventually put his child in [the car], as is often the case.” Juan Pablo Montoya

“Hiring People out of Desperation”- Montoya Slams Williams F1 for Its Recent Failures

“I actually get to talk in these meetings now, because everyone has to listen when you raise your hand when it’s your turn.” – Claire Williams

How Zoom helped change Formula 1 forever

Over team radio Russell was heard telling his race strategist he was worried his tyres could drop off, leaving him a sitting duck for an attack from Albon, but in the end he was able to take the chequered flag more than three seconds ahead of his rival.

Russell seals third successive win in Virtual Azerbaijan GP as Leclerc struggles in Baku

“I think that when they sit back, and they would probably never say this publicly, but when they talk about what they could have done for me I think the Honda deal is the one that was something they should have chased more actively” – Karun Chandock

‘Williams mistake was not signing with Honda’

if the opportunity arose to acquire control of Williams, it might be something that Wolff would be interested in if he is seriously looking for a new challenge after his success at Mercedes.

If Toto Wolff Truly Wants a New Challenge, Williams F1 Would Fit the Bill

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