Williams Week – 14th October 2019 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

“The team definitely had a very fast car back in ’14, ’15, ’16. But there were definitely some issues then that were probably under the radar because the car was so quick and the engine was very strong.” – George Russell

Williams problems were “under the radar” at start of hybrid era

Hulkenberg told CNN that he has ruled himself out of contention to claim departing Robert Kubica’s Williams seat, because he is “not the right person for them right now”.

Hulkenberg ‘not right person’ for Williams

“Somehow you have to be lucky as well because a first-lap accident might occur every time. You never know because we have no control over the others.” – Robert Kubica

“We were very lucky” not to have parts problem sooner

The test wing follows the trend of using the inboard section to generate the majority of downforce, while trimming back the outboard ends of the wing elements to promote airflow outwash.

Williams trials experimental F1 front wing in Japanese GP practice

“This morning, however, gave me a lot to think about. I knew some things, but this morning some boundaries were probably crossed.” – Robert Kubica

Williams F1 team removed Suzuka wing for “strange reasons”

“What I find sad is how the team has been managed in recent years. But given the management it’s no surprise where they are now. It makes sense. I think it’s somehow justified that it’s so bad now.” – Jacques Villeneuve

Badly Run Williams F1 Team Deserves to be Last

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