Williams Week – 14th February 2022 – The Week in Review

The Williams Week 2021

The Williams Week 2021

If Netflix had been around in 1996 it’s not hard to imagine a Drive To Survive-style docu-series centred on Williams pairing Jacques Villeneuve and Damon Hill.

The F1 rebel who defied Schumacher and won Williams’ last title ($)

“For me, what counts more is the development speed, and the progress you make through next season instead of where you kick-off, and what we look to develop a car that we understand, it’s not too complicated and a car that has lots of potential to develop in various directions.” – Jost Capito

Williams development more important than early speed

After dominating the previous two seasons, everyone expected Williams still to be the team to beat in 1994. But the ban on electronic ‘gizmos’, including traction control, active suspension and anti-lock brakes, hit Williams harder than expected.

5 times F1 teams got the new regulations wrong

The only formality in this easy-going gathering was that Frank – to a background of rude remarks – insisted on serving us from a soup cauldron brought from the canteen. None of your posh catering and silver service here.

Frank Williams serves the soup ($)

“I thought of picking the Lotus 79 because it was the first ground-effect car, but it had structural weaknesses — a great concept, but flawed, whereas the Williams FW07 put that concept into a superior mechanical package.” – Ross Brawn

‘I wish I’d designed the…’ Williams FW07

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