Williams Week – 12th November 2018 – The Week in Review

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

Pictures from the Brazilian Grand Prix:

“He will be much stronger having done that year in F2, but he came to me a year ago with a Powerpoint presentation with why he was going to be our best driver.” – Paddy Lowe

George Russell tried to get Williams Formula 1 drive for 2018

“It’s been an enormous shock actually. I fully expected to come into this year in a much better place. I think we all did, and probably a lot of fans of ours around the world thought that we were going to be coming out with a much quicker race car. That was the expectation, so when we got to testing – we didn’t even have to wait till Australia to really realise that that wasn’t the case.”

Claire Williams proud to have avoided 2018 ‘implosion’

The investment arm of the Williams Formula 1 team has invested £1.5m into Inovo Robotics – which is developing a collaborative robot to work alongside human workers.

Williams F1 fund invests £1.5m in start-up behind collaborative robot that will work with humans

Our sources claim that the loss of potential sponsor Rich Energy to Haas was a far bigger blow to the Grove outfit than many realised, with the team going to extraordinary efforts (and cost) to secure the deal. Indeed, we understand that a 2 am call to reveal the Haas decision left team boss Claire Williams in tears.

Kubica and Williams

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