Williams Week – 11th January 2021 – The Week in Review

The Williams Week

A round-up of interesting Williams related stories found on the web this week:

You need to start a petition here to abolish the Twitch Quartet because I was heartbroken that I wasn’t a part of this. It should have been the Twitch Quintet, I mean I was one of the originals on Twitch” – Nicholas Latifi

Nicholas Latifi Urges Williams’ Russell for Admission in F1’s ‘Very Exclusive’ Club

Williams will still design and manufacturer plenty in-house, to retain that independent DNA, and this is by no means a move that should be seen as them becoming a Mercedes ‘B’ team.

ANALYSIS: Why Williams have strengthened ties with Mercedes, and what it means for the future

“It was incredibly difficult, not seeing friends, family. Being locked away in my flat” – George Russell

Russell reflects on ‘incredibly difficult’ 2020 season

“Interest in motorsport is still young. We do have a lot of Korean fans getting in touch and many who follow the races because of my heritage. I’ve had a lot of questions asking about how to get involved.” – Jack Aitken

Aitken hopes to put South Korea on F1 map

In recent years, the electronics division at Cosworth together with Williams Heritage, the restoration division of the famed F1 team, have been working closely to restore some of the team’s most prized possessions.

The Fascinating Story of How Cosworth Helped Restore Four Legendary F1 Cars

“I just want to impress right here and right now and if I continue to do that I’m confident that I’ll end up in the right place.” – Jack Aitken

Aitken confident he’ll ‘end up in the right place’

“I was fed up with the team, and all the people in it, scrabbling around not being able to do their job properly because we didn’t have the money to allow them to do it.” – Claire Williams

The personal reasons why Williams had to be sold

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